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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Poopy diapers smell real bad,
But I don't want back the life I had,

Toys are everywhere on the floor,
you can't even open the back door,

Theres something sticky over there,
I'm glad i looked before I sat on that chair,

The dishes are piling up and stink,
I wish I could see the bottom of my sink,

The laundry fairy has gone on strike,
This my family does not like,

My car has crumbs all over the place,
The boys need to wash their face,

Even though my house is a mess,
and even though my car looks like its in distress,
This who scene that I have described,
Is beauty in itself in the beholders eyes.

I love my family.

By Sabreena Morgan

*The Point of this poem is no matter what your house looks like, or what your car looks like or* how much of a mess they both are, or how much anything smells whether it be dishes, laundry or poop, yes, it needs to be cleaned, but it will be there later, the memories you make with your *family will not. So, take the time, and truely find what is beautiful in your life.*