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Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Act of Kindness Monday!

Again, I'm hopping over to VivoBellos Blog to Join in the Meaningful Mondays Blog Hop!

Well it's monday again. The dreaded beginning of the actual work week. I would like to take a minute to point out that most people my age dont have a "set" work week. Meaning, Monday through Friday from 9-5. My Husband for example works Tuesday Through Saturday.

Anywhodle...(that is my new word, its pronounced any-who-dil.) This week I didnt really keep track of much, I have had a very long week this week. So here is the one that I did keep track of though.


I went to visit my dad who has just recently bought his first house. He is 41 almost 42 years old. After a long divorce and dealing with all of us kids (haha) for so long he finally decided it was time. He still has my little sister who is 17, almost 18. My little brother who just turned 17, and then my youngest brother who just turned 12, so he bought a house big enough to be able to roof all of the bodies if need be, however they do not live with him, for now that is.



Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I was...




I was a Woman before I was a mother. I cared what my hair looked like, and I cared what I wore. I didn't change poopy diapers, and I didn't get spit up on. I'm trying to find that woman again and incorperate mom into this woman. I want to look good again. I want to be that Good looking woman who changes diapers, and gets spit up on, but does her hair nice, and wears cute outfits. I am a mother, I have two kids, But I'm just turned 21, and just because I have kids, doesn't mean that I can't have fun. I am a humanbeing too.

Is that too much to ask?

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Win a SodaStream @ One Frugal Lady!

I just entered and you should too at One Frugal Lady! Sodastream is the newest soda invention check them out at!

Ends 9/25! So Hurry!

The Bump 2 Baby event @ JLeigh Designz!! September 1st!

You absolutely HAVE to go check out J. Leigh Designz Blog. She has teamed up with Minnesota Mama to have a great baby even giveaway! I would love to win the Britax stroller! If you post the button before September 1st you get bonus entries!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Follow Fridays! Here we Go!

Well my goal today is to follow 100 blogs by follow fridays. I have linked up on a few. So Heres the Deal...!

If you are coming to me from a link up, comment below this post so i know where you came from, and so I can follow you back.

P.S. Enter my Giveaway!

Happy Friday! TGIF!

Lists I've linked with(will be updated through the day!)::

Let's Just Give It Away


Hello! I promise I will write a more personal blog tonight. But for now, I am entering the AT&T and TOMS sponsored giveaway at Contest Corner for an AT&T Rugby II cell phone! I would be so happy to win this since my 4 year old broke mine! puddles and phones dont go together! anyways go check them out! you'll be glad you did!

Ten Tips for planning a unique Baby Shower!

Below are ten tips you should incorporate into your baby shower planning to make the event unique, fun, and have lasting memories!

Ten tips to planning a unique baby shower.

Tip #10: Have everyone call the mother to be “MAMA” and the father to be “DADA”…But don’t tell them.

This way you have a room full of people going “MAMA, DADA, MAMA, DADA”. Not only will this throw them off a bit, but it will make them laugh!

Tip #9: Have all of the drinks in baby bottles.

It would be so cute and unique to have a room full of people drinking out of baby bottles! (it would also be cute to label everyone’s baby bottles with their name.

Tip #8: Tease people and set out jars of baby food on the table with baby bowls and baby spoons.

When everyone starts arriving they will be going right for the food. This is a great way to get people to wait for everyone to arrive to eat, although people may think you are serious about it, and start eating the baby food. However, if this happens, then you should just laugh and start taking pictures.

Tip #7: Have the Father to be wearing a diaper at the shower, and have him tell the mother to be while ½ way through the shower, that he “made a mess” and he needs to be changed. This should be done right in front of everyone.

This may be embarrassing, but how many times are you embarrassed as a new parent when you go somewhere and your baby just poops through everything! Although it is a part of parenting, and you are usually somewhere that you didn’t bring anything extra, like a “quick trip to the grocery store”. Those were my favorite quick trips! Lol…NOT

Tip #6: Givve everyone crayons, and a piece of cardboard, and tell them to draw pictures but no word writing with their wrong hand!

Then when they are done tell them this is what it must of looked like when they drew on their walls when they were children!

Tip #5: Have a crawling contest. First person to crawl from point A to point B wins, but NO cheating!

Make a little baby race track, complete with obstabcles, and roadblocks. If you think that these people crawled fast, and got over, and under things, just wait for baby. Baby will do it faster!

Tip #4: Have your only utensils be baby spoons and forks, these will go great with your baby bottle drinking glasses!

Just to make life a little harder for everyone, but memoriable.

Tip #3: Give your guests the pleasure of the obstacles a pregnant woman goes through, for example, trying to tie your shoes!

Blow up a bunch of big balloons and have them put them in their shirts and then try to tie their shoes. Tell them there is a prize who can complete it fastest. Then make the prize “Rubbing the pregnant mother to bes feet!” but tell them the prize after.

Tip #2: Have the shower gifts as little things, or baby sized.

Have little bars of soap, and a baby wash cloth packaged up. A baby rattle with the words “Thanks” on it. A newborn diaper with the persons name on it. Little things that are cute!

Tip #1: This has to be the best tip of all…Have the Mother to Be go into labor at the end!

These would definitely make a unique baby shower!Also check out Tiny Prints and look at: Tiny Prints Baby Shower Invitations They definitly Rock!

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Tiny Prints blogging program, making me eligible to get a $50 Tiny Prints Gift Code plus 25 FREE Tiny Prints Greeting cards (valued at $149.75). For more information on how you can participate, click here

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Would be so Happy, and I am so Excited to Try the NEW FRACTURE!

I am hoping to get a Free Fracture to review!

With a 4 year old boy running around my house, everything is breakable! Fracture is a NEW and Awesome way of displaying a picture! Your picture gets printed right on shatter proof glass, with no sharp edges, and in my house we need that, shatter proof and non sharp...Since Jacob loves to show off the pictures in the house.

You can check out the product at Fracture's website.

If I am among the first 100 participants, i will be writing a follow up post about Fracture with my feedback after testing it out.

I wrote this blog post in response to a TwitterMoms RAMBO alert, making me eligible to get a Fracture picture frame for review. You can learn more about Fracture at


I was given the opportunity this weekend to review an awesome candle by Mia Bella's. A Big Thanks to Jackie a distributor for Mia Bella's for sending me the Angel Wings Scent.


The candle has 2 wicks which helps with even burning. I am amazed at how slowly this candle burns. I am sure it is going to last a long time! The Angel Wings scent is a Cherry Vanilla, and fills the room with an amazing aroma.

miabella 2

You can Buy the Candle From *Jackie Here* which retails for $18.95

Or you can


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Contest Ends at 11:59pm EST on September 9, 2010.

The product in review was given to me to review. No other compensation was provided to me. All opinions are my own.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Act of Kindness Monday!

I know I'm kinda late in the day today to post for monday, considering that there is only 2 hours and 18 minutes left to my Monday here in Massachusetts. But one of my random acts of kindness happened today, So, I am glad I waited to post.

RAOK #1:

I went to my little brother's football practice on Sunday, and it was a rainy crappy day. As you might know in New England, the temp can be 82 degrees one minute and then 59 degrees the next. Well Sunday afternoon it dropped to about 67 degrees and there was a mother there who was in a tee shirt and shorts, and you could obviously see that she was cold. I asked her if she had a sweatshirt, and she said no, she forgot to grab one because they were running late for practice tonight. I went to my car because I knew i had one in the trunk. I know it smelled bad, but it was my emergency sweatshirt, so I hadn't touched it in a few months, I am type of person who always carries something, because i am always cold! But, i gave it to her, and she was so happy, because with the wind it was freezing!


RAOK #2:

My 4 year old, Jacob, and the neighbor's daughter was playing on the slip n slide this past weekend. I took some awesome photos of them. I went to CVS to print some of them out, and I ended up making a collage of sorts. Anyways make a long story short, the machine I was on, just stopped working, so I jumped on the other one to start again, and a lady walked up and just stood behind me waiting her turn. I stopped working on mine, and closed it out even though I would have to open it again, and got up and offered her to use it first. She did, and then I went back to what I was doing.


Happy Monday Everyone! Please feel free to hop on over to VivoBello 's Blog to Join in the Monday Blog Hop!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

So, I'm asking everyone who comes over from any of the Follow Me Fridays that I am in to tell me what you think of this layout. I'm kind of iffy about it but i like the design...what do you think?

Follow Fridays

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Poopy diapers smell real bad,
But I don't want back the life I had,

Toys are everywhere on the floor,
you can't even open the back door,

Theres something sticky over there,
I'm glad i looked before I sat on that chair,

The dishes are piling up and stink,
I wish I could see the bottom of my sink,

The laundry fairy has gone on strike,
This my family does not like,

My car has crumbs all over the place,
The boys need to wash their face,

Even though my house is a mess,
and even though my car looks like its in distress,
This who scene that I have described,
Is beauty in itself in the beholders eyes.

I love my family.

By Sabreena Morgan

*The Point of this poem is no matter what your house looks like, or what your car looks like or* how much of a mess they both are, or how much anything smells whether it be dishes, laundry or poop, yes, it needs to be cleaned, but it will be there later, the memories you make with your *family will not. So, take the time, and truely find what is beautiful in your life.*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Prince's And A Princess 2: Five Winners are you one?

3 Prince's And A Princess 2: Five Winners are you one?

I finally won my first giveaway :)

Boomerang Black/Red Sneakers
Chips-madagascar ankle socks
dinosaurs-contruction vehicles ankle socks

check it out!

Jacob is going to love the construction socks especially!

Good night all!

Win U*NEAKS SHOES & 2 Pairs of socks! ends 8/18

U*neaks is a change from regular sneakers. you can change the look everyday just by wearing different socks!

3 Princes and a Princess 2 is giving away a pair plus 2 pairs of socks!

Check it out

ends today 8/18 Good Luck!


The grass isn't green,
its red.

The water isn't blue,
its yellow.

The sky is grey,
not blue.

The water is brown...

The grass is red,
from all of our fallen soliders.

The water is yellow,
from companies dumping trash.

The sky is grey,
from pollution.

The water is brown,
because no one cares.

Its your perspective on what you see,
this is my perspective,
based on my opinion,
by me...from me.

By Sabreena Morgan

Win a Tropical Wave Waterslide from J. Leigh Designz! Ends 8/23

How Awesome would it be to have a Waterslide in your back yard? On those hot summer days when the kids are bugging you to go swimming or to the waterpark, this would be awesome!

J. Leigh Designs has teamed up with to do this awesome giveaway of a Tropical Wave Waterslide!

J leigh designz giveaway

Contest Ends 8/23

Good Luck!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness Monday!

Okay, So I was out surfing the web this morning while the little one was napping. Yes! I'm guilty, I'm addicted to the computer, and all the great things the world wide web has to offer. While surfing though, I came across a blog called VivoBello. She is hosting a "Random Act of Kindness Blog Hop"-Every Monday. So, seeing as how I'm new to blogging, I'm trying new things, and doing what i can to learn what i am doing, or well atleast what i am supposed to be doing! :)

SO, here it is. I did 3 random acts of kindness this week:

RAOK #1: I travel alot, not because I love sitting in traffic, or because i want to replace the clutch in my car, but because I have to. Most recently, I drove to Milton, NH to go see my mother who had surgery last Thursday. There is toll booths along the way. I by pass the $2.00 toll by going through seabrook and hampton, and then get back on thie highway before the two 75 cent tolls. Now, this time I didnt have any quarters, and I had worked a few days this week at my prematernity leave job. When I got to both toll booths each time I handed the worker $2.00. I told them to keep the extra $1.25 for the next people behind me, or for someone who didnt have the money for the toll.

RAOK #2: I made a bunch of cloth babywipes, very cute with flannel on the top and terry cloth on the bottom. My son is allergic to something between dispoable wipes, and diapers. I kept making them even though I knew that I had enough, and offered them up on to some other mamas on there for free. I had a message for one lady who said her friend was having a baby and didnt know the gender but asked if I could mail some to her friend. Which I did.

RAOK #3: I'm usually a very dominant driver when it comes to where I am in traffic. Growing up in Boston, and NH during tourist season might have something to do with it. My whole driving expirence has probably consisted of atleast 50% traffic sitting. This will happen when you live off of 2 major highways, and drive into the city to see the rest of the extended family. When I say traffic though, I'm not talking about slow moving 25 MPH traffic, I'm talking dead stop for 5 minutes at a time, bumper to bumper, and when you move, you move maybe 50 feet and stop for 5 minutes again. I was in traffic last week coming home from Boston which on a normal day not sitting in traffic is about 30 minutes, however during rush hour(s) it takes 2-3 hours to make that 30 minutes trip north on RT 93. I let in 9 cars that i know were sitting on 3 different on ramps for a good amount of time. They even said thank you, and if your from boston or surrounding you know how rare thst is. you could see the happiness on their face as they waved thank you and got in line.

Its human nature to do good things for others, even if you dont realize you did them.

Join in with me!

Friday, August 13, 2010

CSN Store $80 Gift Card Giveaway @ Two of a Kind!

Head on over to Two of a Kind's blog and check out this awesome giveaway!

She is having a giveaway for the CSN store, and its an $80.00 Gift Card!

There is so much on their website. In order to enter your mandatory entry needs to be a dish set that you would like and want. The link to is the CSN store link!

Contest ends August 30th, 2010

So hurry over and get your entries in!

Have a great day, and GOOD LUCK!

$25 Gift Certificate to Celebrate Express @ Two of a Kind's Blog Giveaway! ends 8/30

Another great giveaway that I am entering is over at Two of a Kind is for a chance to win a $25.00 Gift card to celebrate express!

I have ordered from them before. I ordered 2 "in this day in history" scrolls for my 2 boys. One was July 28, 2006 and the other was January 29, 2010. They arrived quickly, and they were even more beautiful than what I had seen on the screen! They were a nice addition to my boys walls.

This contest ends August 30, 2010. Enter this, its one that you don't want to miss!

Have a Great Day! Good Luck!

My Princess Party to Go Giveaway! Ends 8/30 $150 value

There is this really awesome review and give away over at Two of a Kind's Blog.

She recently did a Princess and Pirate birthday party in one. I know, your saying "how can you do both at once?" Well she had the help of My Princess Party To Go.

My princess party to go has really fun packages for princesses and princes! This is a great place if you have a combined birthday party for both a boy and a girl. There are some really cute photos over at My Princess Party To Go, showing what they have, their prices are reasonable, and best of all... Two of a Kind is having a great giveaway worth $150.00 plus free shipping!

Go on and enter, you have nothing to lose!

Have a great day! Good luck!

Digital Room Post Card Giveaway! At Life of a Slightly Crunchy SAHM of Drama Queens Blog!

Go on over to Karine's Blog- Life of a Slightly Crunchy SAHM of Drama Queens

She is Having a Giveaway for 1oo Print Postcards from

These are great postcards printed on high quality cardstock. You choose what you want on them, then they print 100 of them for you for FREE! You just have to enter to win!

Contest ends 8/13/2010 @ 11:59pm EST.

Have a Great day! and Good Luck!

ClickNkids Giveaway & Review @ Life of a Slightly Crunchy SAHM of Drama Queens Ends Today 8/13

Head on over to Life of a Slightly Crunchy SAHM of Drama Queens Blog and check out her review and giveaway of the ClickNkids ClickNread, and ClickNspell Programs!

Try the sample lessons, and take a look around the ClickNkids website.

ClickN KIDS <-- Check them out!

Head on over to Karine's blog- Life of a Slightly Crunchy SAHM of Drama Queens

What are you waiting for? Her Button is in My Networks, and Fellow Bloggers sidebar.

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tips and ways to $aving Money During this Back to School Season!

Hey Mama! (and dads too!)

I do all I can to save money. Coupons, sales, promotions, ect. I'd like to share my secrets, and what I do with you!

1. Walmart- Walmart has a great selection of back to school items everything from clothes to supplies, to lunch items, to sneakers! They are very inexpensive to begin with with good quality items.

2. Walmart clearence section- Sometimes you can find last years styles clothes for really cheap, along with other school items like crayons with damaged boxes and markers that are missing one, so there is 7 instead of 8.

3. Sales- I shopped for my brother this year for school while I was getting my 4 year old his birthday presents. At Toys r the Crayloa items were buy ONE get TWO FREE! This was an amazing deal. Toys rus and babies r us always has great deals.

4. Clearence with sales- Sometimes stores will have sales on certain items like for example crayola, and you can go to the clearence section and get something crayloa, and it will still qualify for the sale. This has to be absolutely amazing price wise!

5. Online clearence outlets- There is a number of online clearence outlets. Most of which offer free shipping for purchases over $49.00. This is a great way to get clothing because then you can use promo codes to get even more off!

6. Gently Used- You can find gently used clothing almost anywhere. Yard sales, freecycle, free craigslist ads, goodwill, salvation army. you can even find brand name clothing with the tags still on there.

7. Sew your own!- I am a crafty mom, I always have been. I have recently taught myself to sew. The sewing machine has to be one of the greatest inventions. Since i am a WAH/SAHM I have started sewing little items and selling them on Craigslist, and Ebay. I make both my boys clothing items, and its perfect because its not too big, not too small, but just right, since i can adjust the sizing myself.

8. Coupons- Who ever came up with the idea of giving out coupons deserves a medal of honor. he/she has to be the best person, and a very frugal person. It must have been a great thing for marketing for people to buy the product, and give them money off. The ploy behind this was..."If we give them money off to try it, and they like it, they will buy it no matter what it cost!"

9. Hand me down circles- If you live in a neighborhood with lots of children, get together with the other moms. Hand down the clothes that are too small for your children to someone else in the neighborhood, (and if you are a crafty mom like me, you can transform one thing into anything!)

10. Last but not least: The Dollar Store!: The dollar store will have everything you need in terms of supplies, from rulers, to crayons, to pens and pencils and notebooks! Although this has to be one of the greatest stores ever, not all of its products are of quality, so make sure that you look at what you are buying before you buy it.

Have a Great School year! Hope you save lots while getting what they want and need!

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Staples blogging program, making me eligible to get a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Tips for getting your kids ready to go back to school

Well Mamas and Dads, It’s that time of year again! It involves a big yellow school bus, a desk, and homework! Most children dread going back to school after a long fun adventurous summer. However you may be surprised that most children actually can’t wait to go back to school! But, that’s their little secret. So, shhhhh! Don’t tell the kids us moms know!

Most children who are in kindergarten and first and second grade haven’t gotten to the “I don’t want to go” in their school career yet, it’s the older ones influencing the younger ones. Older siblings saying, “I don’t want to go” has a big impact on younger children. If you have this problem, you should try to sit down with your older child(ren) and explain to them they need to set a good example for their younger sibling. Sometimes if they know they’re a role model, it will make them feel good that someone looks up to them, and will do what they need and are supposed to do. This in turn will make your life easier at 6:00am. Some children don’t want to go because of bullies, others don’t want to go because they are bored, and then there are the new excuses that you can’t help laugh at!

Rules for School by: Alec Greven is a great start to a school year. Use this story as a bed time story, as a night time family reading, or just an anytime reading. It’s a very cute story.

RULE 1: You have to let go of summer.

This could pose a problem for a child that already doesn’t want to get up for school. Sleeping in, with your head under the pillow and under a nice cozy blanket could really make school mornings a nightmare.

TIP: Go into your child(ren)’s room with a nice and cheery voice, (even if you’re not very cheery in the morning), and say “good morning!” Then if your child(ren) is/are stubborn, and still don’t get up, take their blanket and pillow, and take it out of the room with you. This will take away that nice cozy feeling from sleeping all night. They will most likely need to use the bathroom, and thus, they have arisen!

Rule 3: You’re going to be nervous- Get over it!

Starting school could be a challenge to some children, not because the work is hard, not because they have to get up, but because they have butterflies in their tummies and are scared about their first day and what it will be like. Such as, for some examples, What if there is a new teacher? What if I don’t know anybody? What if I forget to wear underwear? What if my teacher is new, and I don’t know her and she is some scary outer space creature, that only assigns tons of homework that is impossible to complete, who forces us to wash her feet, and brush her hair that is made of snakes? You get the point! Children have some wild imaginations, at times and it’s good and encouraged in school. However, other times it can be worrisome, at other times it can be difficult, and sometimes, even scary what children’s imaginations can bring. But without an imagination, life would be simple, plain, and boring.
If you remember when you started school, maybe every year, maybe just when you started the new level like kindergarten to first grade, fifth grade to sixth grade(middle school), or eighth grade to ninth grade (high school), you were nervous possibly about new people, maybe a new teacher, or perhaps more difficult or the amount of homework, less time to have fun with your friends, and much more. Just remember you were there once. Sometimes it helps to share your stories about being nervous, or scared with your children.

My nine year old little brother has PTSD, and he gets angry and has a temper tantrum when he is scared, and never actually comes out and says that he is scared, so it’s hard to figure out when he is actually mad, scared, or something else. I have been doing this since he started school; I call him the night before he goes to his first day, and I talk with him, and he is usually giving my mother a hard time. I ask him what’s wrong and he doesn’t say much at first, but I’ll start telling him a funny story about when I was in school.

I more often than not tell him about the time that I had started a new school after we moved to a new city when I was in elementary school. I was nervous about starting the second grade in a new school, in a new city, not to mention a new state. I was so scared when I arrived at the new school that I walked into the classroom, and ended up walking into the teachers desk, knocking off all her papers, and her huge glass apple that fell to the floor, and shattered into millions of pieces! The whole class laughed at me! I did make friends that first day though, and I couldn’t wait to go back day after day. I had embarrassed myself, and showed that I didn’t look where I was going, but I still made friends and had a great day, and in the end that is all that matters. Naturally my brother laughs, and then goes to get ready for bed.

Rule 4: Get your Mom on your side.

Sometimes, we moms are more excited about school than our kids are! We are so excited we try to make everything right for their first day. We pick out their clothes, we pack their lunches, we get them up much earlier than needed, we brush their hair, and we have them out at the bus stop 20 minutes before it arrives- Just in case… Let’s face it; this is for us, not for them. Let them be independent, and be free thinkers. Let them pick out their own clothes for the first day. Let them decide what they want for lunch and let them help you make it. Let them get up 30 minutes earlier just so they can get ready at their pace, and do something they want to do before they head off to that first day. Letting your child be stress free, and calm when they start their first day can make all the difference in the world. Not only will it make their morning go smoother, and make them less nervous, your morning will go a lot smoother too.

The author of the book Rules for School By Alec Greven is nine years old. He has been there done that when it comes to school, from first day nervousness, to last day excitement for summer. He is a phenomenal writer, and most important of all a kid himself! Since he is only nine years old, he is an author who can relate to his readers because he is their age, and the children enjoy his books because they know that someone their age wrote it, and it gives them inspiration that they too can do something great. There are more books by Alec Greven, How to Talk to Moms, and How to Talk to Girls. Those two books will get some great enjoyment by the children, and it will make you smile knowing that they are being inspired by the book’s author.

If you remember when you started school, maybe every year, maybe just when you started the new level like kindergarten to first grade, fifth grade to sixth grade (middle school), or eighth grade to ninth grade (high school), you were nervous possibly about new people, maybe a new teacher, or perhaps more difficult or the amount of homework, less time to have fun with your friends, and much more. Just remember you were there once. Sometimes it helps to share your stories about being nervous, or scared with your children.

My nine year old little brother has PTSD, and he gets angry and has a temper tantrum when he is scared, and never actually comes out and says that he is scared, so it’s hard to figure out when he is actually mad, scared, or something else. I have been doing this since he started school; I call him the night before he goes to his first day, and I talk with him, and he is usually giving my mother a hard time. I ask him what’s wrong and he doesn’t say much at first, but I’ll start telling him a funny story about when I was in school.

I more often than not tell him about the time that I had started a new school after we moved to a new city when I was in elementary school. I was so scared to start the second grade in a new school, in a new city, not to mention a new state. I got so scared I that when I walked into the classroom, I walked into the teachers desk and knocked off all of her papers on her desk, and the whole class laughed at me. Naturally he laughs, and then goes to get ready for bed.

This helps him to think of something funny when he walks into that new classroom for the first time, and his teachers have told us that he is usually giggling as he is walking into the classroom, and doesn’t even walk near the teacher’s desk the whole first day, and if he does he is giggling the whole time!

This is just my example of something that will helped my little brother conquer the fear and nervousness of the first day. What are some ways that you help make the fear go away? Please feel free to share your ways in the comments!

1.Make sure their bed time is relaxing and calm, and that it is early enough that morning times are not a hassle, and so there is enough sleep.

2.Eat a healthy breakfast consisting of brain food

Below are some suggestions for a complete brain smart healthy breakfast::

granola cereal, yogurt, a sliced apple
scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice
veggie omelet, bran muffin, fruit with yogurt
whole-grain pancakes or waffles topped with berries and/or yogurt, milk
whole-wheat zucchini pancakes topped with fruit, milk
french toast topped with fruit, orange juice or milk
low-fat cheese melted on toast with a piece of fruit
low-fat cream cheese on a whole-grain bagel, orange juice
peanut butter and banana slices on an english muffin, milk

3. Always go to school prepared. It might help to pick out your school outfit, pack your lunch, and organize your backpack the night before so there’s no rushing the next morning.

4. Make sure to tell them if they don’t understand something, to always ask someone, whether it is a teacher, a parent or a classmate, and if they still don’t understand, it’s okay to say so, and to ask for more help with it.

5. Tell them to always make sure they try their best at everything they do!

6. Smile & be happy!

Please feel free to list any other suggestions you may have in the comments section, I will put up a future blog post complied of other suggestions…

To us moms, or dads, there are two options after they are at their first day of school. Either you’re going to cry because your baby is growing up (which is what I will do when my oldest son first starts school) OR you’re going to go jump for joy you have some free time, well at least more than you did before school started!

If you are sad about them starting school, because they are growing up, take pictures on their first day. Make a scrap book about it, and make sure you are waiting with the camera on their return home, or the run out to your car to catch that moment when they had fun and learned so much, and are excited to tell you all about it. Keep a notebook handy because if you are making a scrapbook journaling in it will be key, so when they are 14 and starting high school, you can pull out that book and show them what they did, and why they were so excited to start school. Maybe they will remember it, maybe not, but you will.

Have a Great School Year Everyone!

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