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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tips and ways to $aving Money During this Back to School Season!

Hey Mama! (and dads too!)

I do all I can to save money. Coupons, sales, promotions, ect. I'd like to share my secrets, and what I do with you!

1. Walmart- Walmart has a great selection of back to school items everything from clothes to supplies, to lunch items, to sneakers! They are very inexpensive to begin with with good quality items.

2. Walmart clearence section- Sometimes you can find last years styles clothes for really cheap, along with other school items like crayons with damaged boxes and markers that are missing one, so there is 7 instead of 8.

3. Sales- I shopped for my brother this year for school while I was getting my 4 year old his birthday presents. At Toys r the Crayloa items were buy ONE get TWO FREE! This was an amazing deal. Toys rus and babies r us always has great deals.

4. Clearence with sales- Sometimes stores will have sales on certain items like for example crayola, and you can go to the clearence section and get something crayloa, and it will still qualify for the sale. This has to be absolutely amazing price wise!

5. Online clearence outlets- There is a number of online clearence outlets. Most of which offer free shipping for purchases over $49.00. This is a great way to get clothing because then you can use promo codes to get even more off!

6. Gently Used- You can find gently used clothing almost anywhere. Yard sales, freecycle, free craigslist ads, goodwill, salvation army. you can even find brand name clothing with the tags still on there.

7. Sew your own!- I am a crafty mom, I always have been. I have recently taught myself to sew. The sewing machine has to be one of the greatest inventions. Since i am a WAH/SAHM I have started sewing little items and selling them on Craigslist, and Ebay. I make both my boys clothing items, and its perfect because its not too big, not too small, but just right, since i can adjust the sizing myself.

8. Coupons- Who ever came up with the idea of giving out coupons deserves a medal of honor. he/she has to be the best person, and a very frugal person. It must have been a great thing for marketing for people to buy the product, and give them money off. The ploy behind this was..."If we give them money off to try it, and they like it, they will buy it no matter what it cost!"

9. Hand me down circles- If you live in a neighborhood with lots of children, get together with the other moms. Hand down the clothes that are too small for your children to someone else in the neighborhood, (and if you are a crafty mom like me, you can transform one thing into anything!)

10. Last but not least: The Dollar Store!: The dollar store will have everything you need in terms of supplies, from rulers, to crayons, to pens and pencils and notebooks! Although this has to be one of the greatest stores ever, not all of its products are of quality, so make sure that you look at what you are buying before you buy it.

Have a Great School year! Hope you save lots while getting what they want and need!

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