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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Court went fantastic! VICTORY!

Well, it's a victory for this point atleast!

The guardians of my 4 year old have been pulling false allegations out of their butt, and taking them to court and trying to use them against us. However, the judge has seen right through atleast most of it. The guardians have been witholding my visitation for a while now, and I kept filing motion after motion so we would be able to see him. For christmas they thought it was surfice to give us a 12 hour time with him, But it's almost 2 hours each way the distance from our home to theirs. I went to court after they didnt want to follow the court order regarding our christmas visit, and I asked for the Judge to allow visitation for our christmas visit, I wanted overnights, they objected OBVISOUSLY!

I didnt ask for a hearing, but the judge thought it was in order to have a hearing on this matter.So we did, and he granted us our visitation!

We pick Jacob up at 4:30 today 12/30 and I couldn't be happier, hopefully the judge is going to make the order that he can come home soon!

Wordless Wednesday- Babys First Christmas

Matthew celebrated his very first Christmas last week. If you read my previous post, I am still upset about what went on with Jacob. But we enjoyed Matthews first Christmas very much. The last photo is where the real presents are for mommy & daddy according to my husband!

Daddy setting up the giraffe

Daddy setting up the little zoomers raceway

Matthew having breakfast before he sees what Santa brought

Matthew seeing what santa brought

He loves his little zoomers raceway!

Matthew thinking about if he likes the giraffe

he loves to rip paper

playing with the farm

Back to the raceway

The raceway cars

The real presents are in here says daddy (who got a major poopy diaper right after opening presents! lol)

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


My Inlaws officially ruined our Family Christmas.




So, Thanks, I didn't know that family was capable of doing this to each other. You couldn't even be bothered to answer the phone on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day...

I Need your opinion!! Matthews First Birthday Invitations!!

So, My little man is turning the big O-N-E on January 29th! I'm excited, and sad at the same time. I'm excited because he's getting to be a big boy, but I'm sad for the same reason. He'll be walking and talking, and running, and everything so soon! It seems like just yesterday he was this beautiful newborn who I met for the first time, man how time flies!

I need some honest opinions...I am Hopefully going to use Tiny Prints for my little mans invitations, but I'm stuck between 2 designs...

This is my 2nd Choice...I like it but it seems kind of dull...

Now this is my my first choice I think, but I dont know if its well...too much at once? theres 12 slots for photos, so i interpreted that to mean that I needed to put a photo one from each month since birth, but what do you think?

I Love Tiny Prints, and I am contacting them about doing a review and/or giveaway for their website. This is where we ordered our Christmas Cards and they came out a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Please leave me your opinion in the comments!! I'll keep you posted!

Oh Matthew! Where did my little baby go? and where did this adventurous michevious little akmost toddler come from?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday! The Wii Experience!

We ended up giving Jacob the Wii early for Christmas. We soon learned that we needed to make sure he kept the strap around his wrist. He hit the bottom of the TV, no damage which is good, but he also ended up throwing it in the air, and we all had to run and duck hoping it didn't hit us. He ducked too! lol. Here are some photos of our experience of Family Wii Time! Thanks for looking!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tommee Tippee Winner!

Congrats to Heather Lyons, she is the winner of the Tommee Tippee Giveaway!

Heather, you have been emailed and need to respond within 48 hours!

Thanks to all who entered!

Monday, December 20, 2010

To my son Matthew- almost 1 year


Boy how time has flown this year! It seems like just last week you were this little baby in my arms. Now your a crawling, almost walking, almost toddler with a mind of your own! You have such a personality I have to add! I just can't believe how smart you are, and not even a year old.

But, you need to start talking some real words soon! Mama, or Dada would be nice, first off, instead of calling us "ehhhh" and "eeeee." You've said mum once, but it just didn't stick, you prefered "ehhhh."

I remember when you rolled over two times in a row, and it scared you and you cried, I thought it was cute! Since the day you have been born, you have been stuck to me like glue, and I am not complaining, I absolutly love it! You are such a cuddle bug, not as much anymore unless you are tired or don't feel well. This I am finding is only because you are crawling and so adventurous.

You look up to your big brother, and although he is only 4 and doesn't understand that you don't know how to share yet, and that everything is not "yours" he does his best to play with you and teach you. You'll learn to share with eachother when you get older.

I just can't believe my little baby is almost a year old. in 1 1/2 months you will be a year old, and I think I am going to cry. I can't imagine my life without you, and I love you my cuddlebug!


Matthew 1 day old

Matthew at 10 months old

To my son Jacob.

My how time has flown, this time four years ago, you were just a baby. Now you are an opinionated little man! You are getting older and taller, by the day, and I just wanted to take a moment to remind you how much mommy loves you. Some day you will be old enough to understand everything that has gone on in your young life, and you will understand that everything happens for a reason. Most of the time, those reasons are unknown.

You'll be old enough for school next fall, and you'll make some great friends. Probably some, I wont approve of, but we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. You are a catholic child, and we've been slacking on having you baptised, not because we want to, but it will be done soon, both you and your little brother will be baptised.

I can't believe how smart you are at such a young age, and I always want you to reach for the stars, you will be something great one day, and I can't wait to see it!

I love you Jacob, you are my first born boy, and I know there will be times that you will mess up, and that's okay because we will forgive you because that is what parent's do. Both Daddy and I love you, and you are our little man. I can't wait to see your face when you open your presents on Christmas! I know you wont stay little forever, but you always will be our little man. I Love You Jacob William.

Love Mommy.

Jacob William Age 4

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Kids Gifts, not done shopping yet :)

Last year Jacob had an amazing huge Christmas! $500 later, and he had everything a kid could dream of!

This year, we got them a lot fo little odds and ends that I have already wrapped, but some I havent wrapped yet. We got a Wii for the family, and jacob asked for only one thing, and it was Stinky the garbarge truck. Jacob wanted to get Matthew the Laugh and Learn Kitchen, which I had already planned on getting, but this is Jacobs gift to Matthew, and then we got Matthew a Go and grow giraffe.

I still have some shopping to do, and I am still waiting on things i dont even remember in the mail, but overall, it's going to be an amazing Christmas this year for my boys. I have off from work the 24th, 25th, 26th, and the 27th which is even better!

Here's the "big" gifts this year before I wrap them! I dont mean big as in large, or big as expensive, however the garbarge truck was $62 and the Wii was $149, I consider big as how much they are going to like them :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great Giveaways that I have found!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dr Bloom Chewable Jewels *Review*

I recently had the chance to try Dr. Bloom's Chewable Jewels. I chose to review the amber twilight set which consisted of the round necklace and the bangle bracelet.


When I received them in the mail they were prettier than the photo gave it credit for. These were simply amazing, and their bright but dark color made them more intriguing to Matthew.

Matthew is a baby that puts everything in his mouth, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! That is why i thought that the teething necklaces would be a good thing for him. Matthew is always teething, as you can see from his bright red rosey cheeks in the photo below.


Some people have an opinion that the teething necklaces are gross and that people should not let their children chew on them, they have specifically been called "unsanitary" by one blogger. However, I find that these are actually easy to clean and you can clean them frequent enough to be able to keep them sanitary.

I think that these are a great idea, and i know that some children have actually started chewing on regular jewelry because their mother let's them chew on these, however this has NOT been the case with Matthew. He only chews on his special teething necklaces.



Dr. Bloom's chewable Jewels has to be the best one out there for children, because even the cord is on is chewable, but if your little one bites actually through things, than I would suggest moving it to a different cord or string.


Matthew loves the bracelet in particular because I will let him hold it to chew on it, and with the necklace I won't. Right now at this exact moment I think that Matthew has actually hidden the bracelet under the couch just so he can have it whenever he wants!

Pretty soon, you will have a chance to win a Dr. Bloom's Chewable Jewels set of your very own in the color of your choice consisting of the bangle bracelet and the necklace!
Head on over to Dr. Bloom's Facebook and "like" them and theres your extra entries done! well some of them atleast!

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wan't free Gift cards?

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Internet access at work and job description

Well, my phone lied to me and I have no Internet access at work. But that's okay because I downloaded blogpress yesterday and I can write this post now and it will post when I get home, well or Internet access. I did bring my phone with me tonight and I can play around on that a lil bit but not much.

My favorite thing I heard tonight was..."I have a pencil and a piece of paper and I'm going to brush my teeth with them"

Maybe now would be a good time to explain my job. I'm a nursing assistant...translation...I wipe adult old person butt for a living. I work 11p-7a which isn't the greatest, but it works out the best so I can be home during the day. The unit I work on is an Alzheimer's and dementia unit for the most part, technically it's a "behavioral" unit. Most of these people don't know their own names, let alone mine, and they won't remember me tomorrow, or probably even later on tonight. It's a sad cycle, but without us "butt wipers", these people wouldn't even be able to survive. I don't enjoy all of what i do, but I do enjoy helping people and that is all that matters.

Sabreena :) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Posting from my IPad...this is different

So, I have an Apple IPad. I think that this is going to be a great tool for me. I can do homework, blog, shop, watch movies, play apps, type papers, and even take this to work with me and it's more portable than my laptop!

I'm still trying to learn it all and it might take a while, but this app for blogging is absolutely amazing, it even spell checks as I am typing. I'm sure just like everyone else who has one I will have some complaints at some point but for now, I think that this is great!

Ttfn- ta ta for now!

Sabreena :) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift...Have you found one yet?

The Ultimate Holiday Season for a young family with two boys would be extravagant with toys! Jacob loves trucks, and cars, and trains, and he has a talking walking dinosaur that he loves to follow around and scare people with. Matthew loves anything that sings, dances, or moves.
In our family, it’s not the amount you spend on the gift, it is the quality of the gift, and how much it makes the person happy.
Ten Tips for the Ultimate Holiday time:
10. Don’t spend more than you need to. Hasbro has some awesome toys are some great deals.
Bumblebee Battle Charged is only $99.99. If your kids love transformers, they will LOVE this toy!

9. Presentation is everything. Make sure you don't overwhelm the child with many gifts at once. Make it special when you present that "ultimate" gift. after the initial present opening, wait about 20 minutes then say Oh wait, there's one more, and then pull out the "ultimate" gift and watch their face light up!

8. Make sure that you know when it's the "it" gift, dont just guess.

7. Make sure that you buy more than one if you think there will be a fighting problem among siblings. This resolves alot of problems in the future!

6. Allow your child to peek over your should when you are looking at it, and if they are old enough they may say thats cool, i want that. but most of the time, then the child will forget about it and just walk away. Then, you wait some time and order it when they are not around.

5. How about a 'real' gift. Hasbro has Biscuit the Fureal Friends Lovin' pup for $169.99. This dog is amazing, it's a must see!

4. I Love the look you get when you give the ultimate gift. It's priceless, so have a camera ready.

3. Make sure it arrives by Christmas! This has to be one of the most important. Nothing stinks more than KNOWING you have the perfect gift for them, but, it's not there Christmas Morning.

2. Hype. Avoid the Hype of the toy. Allow them to have their own interests. Just because it's overly advertised, and everyone supposedly HAS to have one, go on the persons own interests.

1. Enjoy it. Enjoy the shopping, the debating, the rushes, the worrying, and finally the happiness.

There is nothing more special than finding the ultimate perfect gift that they will love and cherish and will be proud to present to their friends. Unlike the underware that grandma is probably getting them! In my family we do a special mom and dad Christmas at home, and then we travel to one place for presents there and dinner. It is a remarkable day where all problems, and worries are put aside, and it's meaning is family, joy, and love.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Hasbro Ultimate Gifts blogging sweepstakes, making me eligible to get a $50 Gift card to use at! For more information on how you can participate, click here

Baby Legs Review and *Giveaway*!

I have recently had a chance to review some great items from BabyLegs! They sent me a "grab bag" consisting of two pairs of Leg Warmers, and two packages of 2 pairs of socks. My husband picked out one of the pairs of leg warmers, he is a big football fan, so you know which one he chose, "Touchdown", BabyLegs sent us the other ones at random, and we think they are great designs.


As you know I am a cloth diapering mama so sometimes pants are a hassle, or just plain in the way. Sometimes, his diapers are just too bulky with the extra inserts (since he wets very heavily) to have pants on. I started using Baby Legs when Matthew was about 5 months old. So, I was excited to try some new ones!

"Touchdown" Leg Warmers

I must declare, I was in LOVE!

Diaper changes are great, and easy both in the house and on the go and since Matthew has started crawling, these protect his knees because I'm sure we have all expirenced rug burned knees on the baby at one point or another from crawling around in the diaper. Lets face it, Pants just slow them down, and we know that they won't stand for slowing down! So, this is where BabyLegs come into the picture.

"Asteroid" Leg Warmers

Matthew looks so adorable in these baby legs. But because of user error and by user I mean me, and by error I mean failure to read washing instructions, we have had to retire a few pairs of leg warmers, but I quickly read the washing instructions when I recieved these, and I strongly caution you do the same. You CAN wash in the washer, but DO NOT dry them in the dryer. Lay them flat, or they shrink about 2.5-3 inches.

These are great, even if you don't cloth diaper. For girls, (oh I wish I had a little girl!) they have tights, and these look so cute under a tutu or a dress. For boys, they have the leg warmers, and the socks that are just so darn cute! BabyLegs's Facebook Page is full of fan photos of adorable kids, in adorable BabyLegs, Check it out!

From now until January 8th, 2011, my readers, (yes you!) can enjoy 20% off! Just use the promo code "BOYSMOM20" at checkout to take advantage of this great offer!

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The Product in review was sent to me free of charge by BabyLegs for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Love Little Tikes...Take a look and see why!

I Love Little Tikes!

There toys are so amazing, durable, colorful, and fun for kids of all ages! They have everything you can think of for toys, outside toys, inside toys, pretend play toys, and well everything toys!

Let's start from the beginning...I have had (and still have) the Little Tikes Doll house from 1989!

Yes, I know, These are ancient! 21 years, I know that right off the top of my head because it was made the year I was born!

I also Still have even though they are stored at my moms house in the attic until I have a little girl of my own, The Doll furniture, yes, the big plastic pink furniture!

Hehehe! Oh I still love these and I can't part with them!

Little Tikes has given me 21 years of happiness, I can't believe that out of all of my childhood toys, this is all that I basically have left! I know these are big and bulky, but they are a classic!

I'll be continuing the tradition of Little Tikes with my kids too!

When I have a little girl, my girly toys will be passed on to her, but for now I have boys, and below is what I would LOVE to add to the collection for them! 
Classic Blue Rocking Chair

Rock & Scoot Zebra

Lil Wagon

Home Improvements 2 sided workshop

Push and Ride Racer

Cozy Push & Ride Car

One Day I hope to be able to review Little Tikes Toys, and add more great toys to our collection! But until then, I will continue to shop their clearence and specials section!

Thanks again Little Tikes! My Family Loves you!