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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift...Have you found one yet?

The Ultimate Holiday Season for a young family with two boys would be extravagant with toys! Jacob loves trucks, and cars, and trains, and he has a talking walking dinosaur that he loves to follow around and scare people with. Matthew loves anything that sings, dances, or moves.
In our family, it’s not the amount you spend on the gift, it is the quality of the gift, and how much it makes the person happy.
Ten Tips for the Ultimate Holiday time:
10. Don’t spend more than you need to. Hasbro has some awesome toys are some great deals.
Bumblebee Battle Charged is only $99.99. If your kids love transformers, they will LOVE this toy!

9. Presentation is everything. Make sure you don't overwhelm the child with many gifts at once. Make it special when you present that "ultimate" gift. after the initial present opening, wait about 20 minutes then say Oh wait, there's one more, and then pull out the "ultimate" gift and watch their face light up!

8. Make sure that you know when it's the "it" gift, dont just guess.

7. Make sure that you buy more than one if you think there will be a fighting problem among siblings. This resolves alot of problems in the future!

6. Allow your child to peek over your should when you are looking at it, and if they are old enough they may say thats cool, i want that. but most of the time, then the child will forget about it and just walk away. Then, you wait some time and order it when they are not around.

5. How about a 'real' gift. Hasbro has Biscuit the Fureal Friends Lovin' pup for $169.99. This dog is amazing, it's a must see!

4. I Love the look you get when you give the ultimate gift. It's priceless, so have a camera ready.

3. Make sure it arrives by Christmas! This has to be one of the most important. Nothing stinks more than KNOWING you have the perfect gift for them, but, it's not there Christmas Morning.

2. Hype. Avoid the Hype of the toy. Allow them to have their own interests. Just because it's overly advertised, and everyone supposedly HAS to have one, go on the persons own interests.

1. Enjoy it. Enjoy the shopping, the debating, the rushes, the worrying, and finally the happiness.

There is nothing more special than finding the ultimate perfect gift that they will love and cherish and will be proud to present to their friends. Unlike the underware that grandma is probably getting them! In my family we do a special mom and dad Christmas at home, and then we travel to one place for presents there and dinner. It is a remarkable day where all problems, and worries are put aside, and it's meaning is family, joy, and love.

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