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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Court went fantastic! VICTORY!

Well, it's a victory for this point atleast!

The guardians of my 4 year old have been pulling false allegations out of their butt, and taking them to court and trying to use them against us. However, the judge has seen right through atleast most of it. The guardians have been witholding my visitation for a while now, and I kept filing motion after motion so we would be able to see him. For christmas they thought it was surfice to give us a 12 hour time with him, But it's almost 2 hours each way the distance from our home to theirs. I went to court after they didnt want to follow the court order regarding our christmas visit, and I asked for the Judge to allow visitation for our christmas visit, I wanted overnights, they objected OBVISOUSLY!

I didnt ask for a hearing, but the judge thought it was in order to have a hearing on this matter.So we did, and he granted us our visitation!

We pick Jacob up at 4:30 today 12/30 and I couldn't be happier, hopefully the judge is going to make the order that he can come home soon!


Kas said...

So glad things are going your way! Hopefully Jacob will be home soon!

newmami_rgv said...

With everything going on, I hope you all enjoy your time together!
Happy New Years & best of luck to all of you!
CJR @ The Mommy Blog