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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Need your opinion!! Matthews First Birthday Invitations!!

So, My little man is turning the big O-N-E on January 29th! I'm excited, and sad at the same time. I'm excited because he's getting to be a big boy, but I'm sad for the same reason. He'll be walking and talking, and running, and everything so soon! It seems like just yesterday he was this beautiful newborn who I met for the first time, man how time flies!

I need some honest opinions...I am Hopefully going to use Tiny Prints for my little mans invitations, but I'm stuck between 2 designs...

This is my 2nd Choice...I like it but it seems kind of dull...

Now this is my my first choice I think, but I dont know if its well...too much at once? theres 12 slots for photos, so i interpreted that to mean that I needed to put a photo one from each month since birth, but what do you think?

I Love Tiny Prints, and I am contacting them about doing a review and/or giveaway for their website. This is where we ordered our Christmas Cards and they came out a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Please leave me your opinion in the comments!! I'll keep you posted!

Oh Matthew! Where did my little baby go? and where did this adventurous michevious little akmost toddler come from?


ape2016 said...

I love the 12 photo one.

newmami_rgv said...

I like the second... the 1st the photos seem too small. Best of luck and Happy Birthday to the lil guy!
CJR @ The Mommy Blog