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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Love Little Tikes...Take a look and see why!

I Love Little Tikes!

There toys are so amazing, durable, colorful, and fun for kids of all ages! They have everything you can think of for toys, outside toys, inside toys, pretend play toys, and well everything toys!

Let's start from the beginning...I have had (and still have) the Little Tikes Doll house from 1989!

Yes, I know, These are ancient! 21 years, I know that right off the top of my head because it was made the year I was born!

I also Still have even though they are stored at my moms house in the attic until I have a little girl of my own, The Doll furniture, yes, the big plastic pink furniture!

Hehehe! Oh I still love these and I can't part with them!

Little Tikes has given me 21 years of happiness, I can't believe that out of all of my childhood toys, this is all that I basically have left! I know these are big and bulky, but they are a classic!

I'll be continuing the tradition of Little Tikes with my kids too!

When I have a little girl, my girly toys will be passed on to her, but for now I have boys, and below is what I would LOVE to add to the collection for them! 
Classic Blue Rocking Chair

Rock & Scoot Zebra

Lil Wagon

Home Improvements 2 sided workshop

Push and Ride Racer

Cozy Push & Ride Car

One Day I hope to be able to review Little Tikes Toys, and add more great toys to our collection! But until then, I will continue to shop their clearence and specials section!

Thanks again Little Tikes! My Family Loves you!