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Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Internet access at work and job description

Well, my phone lied to me and I have no Internet access at work. But that's okay because I downloaded blogpress yesterday and I can write this post now and it will post when I get home, well or Internet access. I did bring my phone with me tonight and I can play around on that a lil bit but not much.

My favorite thing I heard tonight was..."I have a pencil and a piece of paper and I'm going to brush my teeth with them"

Maybe now would be a good time to explain my job. I'm a nursing assistant...translation...I wipe adult old person butt for a living. I work 11p-7a which isn't the greatest, but it works out the best so I can be home during the day. The unit I work on is an Alzheimer's and dementia unit for the most part, technically it's a "behavioral" unit. Most of these people don't know their own names, let alone mine, and they won't remember me tomorrow, or probably even later on tonight. It's a sad cycle, but without us "butt wipers", these people wouldn't even be able to survive. I don't enjoy all of what i do, but I do enjoy helping people and that is all that matters.

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