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Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness Monday!

Okay, So I was out surfing the web this morning while the little one was napping. Yes! I'm guilty, I'm addicted to the computer, and all the great things the world wide web has to offer. While surfing though, I came across a blog called VivoBello. She is hosting a "Random Act of Kindness Blog Hop"-Every Monday. So, seeing as how I'm new to blogging, I'm trying new things, and doing what i can to learn what i am doing, or well atleast what i am supposed to be doing! :)

SO, here it is. I did 3 random acts of kindness this week:

RAOK #1: I travel alot, not because I love sitting in traffic, or because i want to replace the clutch in my car, but because I have to. Most recently, I drove to Milton, NH to go see my mother who had surgery last Thursday. There is toll booths along the way. I by pass the $2.00 toll by going through seabrook and hampton, and then get back on thie highway before the two 75 cent tolls. Now, this time I didnt have any quarters, and I had worked a few days this week at my prematernity leave job. When I got to both toll booths each time I handed the worker $2.00. I told them to keep the extra $1.25 for the next people behind me, or for someone who didnt have the money for the toll.

RAOK #2: I made a bunch of cloth babywipes, very cute with flannel on the top and terry cloth on the bottom. My son is allergic to something between dispoable wipes, and diapers. I kept making them even though I knew that I had enough, and offered them up on to some other mamas on there for free. I had a message for one lady who said her friend was having a baby and didnt know the gender but asked if I could mail some to her friend. Which I did.

RAOK #3: I'm usually a very dominant driver when it comes to where I am in traffic. Growing up in Boston, and NH during tourist season might have something to do with it. My whole driving expirence has probably consisted of atleast 50% traffic sitting. This will happen when you live off of 2 major highways, and drive into the city to see the rest of the extended family. When I say traffic though, I'm not talking about slow moving 25 MPH traffic, I'm talking dead stop for 5 minutes at a time, bumper to bumper, and when you move, you move maybe 50 feet and stop for 5 minutes again. I was in traffic last week coming home from Boston which on a normal day not sitting in traffic is about 30 minutes, however during rush hour(s) it takes 2-3 hours to make that 30 minutes trip north on RT 93. I let in 9 cars that i know were sitting on 3 different on ramps for a good amount of time. They even said thank you, and if your from boston or surrounding you know how rare thst is. you could see the happiness on their face as they waved thank you and got in line.

Its human nature to do good things for others, even if you dont realize you did them.

Join in with me!


Vivobello said...

I love what you did!! Very inspiring and I bet you made those peoples day!!
Come back & link up every monday!