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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten Tips for planning a unique Baby Shower!

Below are ten tips you should incorporate into your baby shower planning to make the event unique, fun, and have lasting memories!

Ten tips to planning a unique baby shower.

Tip #10: Have everyone call the mother to be “MAMA” and the father to be “DADA”…But don’t tell them.

This way you have a room full of people going “MAMA, DADA, MAMA, DADA”. Not only will this throw them off a bit, but it will make them laugh!

Tip #9: Have all of the drinks in baby bottles.

It would be so cute and unique to have a room full of people drinking out of baby bottles! (it would also be cute to label everyone’s baby bottles with their name.

Tip #8: Tease people and set out jars of baby food on the table with baby bowls and baby spoons.

When everyone starts arriving they will be going right for the food. This is a great way to get people to wait for everyone to arrive to eat, although people may think you are serious about it, and start eating the baby food. However, if this happens, then you should just laugh and start taking pictures.

Tip #7: Have the Father to be wearing a diaper at the shower, and have him tell the mother to be while ½ way through the shower, that he “made a mess” and he needs to be changed. This should be done right in front of everyone.

This may be embarrassing, but how many times are you embarrassed as a new parent when you go somewhere and your baby just poops through everything! Although it is a part of parenting, and you are usually somewhere that you didn’t bring anything extra, like a “quick trip to the grocery store”. Those were my favorite quick trips! Lol…NOT

Tip #6: Givve everyone crayons, and a piece of cardboard, and tell them to draw pictures but no word writing with their wrong hand!

Then when they are done tell them this is what it must of looked like when they drew on their walls when they were children!

Tip #5: Have a crawling contest. First person to crawl from point A to point B wins, but NO cheating!

Make a little baby race track, complete with obstabcles, and roadblocks. If you think that these people crawled fast, and got over, and under things, just wait for baby. Baby will do it faster!

Tip #4: Have your only utensils be baby spoons and forks, these will go great with your baby bottle drinking glasses!

Just to make life a little harder for everyone, but memoriable.

Tip #3: Give your guests the pleasure of the obstacles a pregnant woman goes through, for example, trying to tie your shoes!

Blow up a bunch of big balloons and have them put them in their shirts and then try to tie their shoes. Tell them there is a prize who can complete it fastest. Then make the prize “Rubbing the pregnant mother to bes feet!” but tell them the prize after.

Tip #2: Have the shower gifts as little things, or baby sized.

Have little bars of soap, and a baby wash cloth packaged up. A baby rattle with the words “Thanks” on it. A newborn diaper with the persons name on it. Little things that are cute!

Tip #1: This has to be the best tip of all…Have the Mother to Be go into labor at the end!

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