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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meaningful Monday! RAOK!

I slacked a bit this week on "Random" acts of kindness, But we completed one.


Jacob and I this week went through all his books. He actually said "mummy, I dont like this one" for quite a few. We ended up with 10-15 books that he just didnt like, and we took them to the book drop at our local bank. We hope by doing this, they will get to children that do not have books of their own.

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Vivobello said...

It's a huge thing to reach out to people you wouldn't normally get a chance to! It is not fun when you know people are going to be unpleasant, but those are usually the people who need it most! I love reading your acts of kindness and your son is so awesome for giving up his books so kids could enjoy them!! Great teaching mom!