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Friday, October 15, 2010

10 Tips for bring Fun into the day!

How many times do you hear..."Mom (or dad), I'm Bored!" I'm sure the older your children are, the more you hear it.
I am going to share 10 of my favorite ways to make the boring day fun! (There’s even a mommy break!)

10. Let your child take a break from their chores- Letting your child take frequent little breaks to play while they are cleaning their room, or doing homework, or vacuuming will help the chores get done right, it may take longer but it will be right. Doing this will alleviate rushing what they are doing that they don’t want to do,

9. Have a set quiet time- Tell the children, they can have an hour of free play. This is the mommy one eye open nap time! Tell them to read a book, play a game, play with their toys as long as they are quiet.

8. Have coloring time- This is geared more towards the younger children, around 4yrs-8yrs. Allow them to decide which coloring book that day, and pick out 3 pages to color.

7. Make a pit stop at the playground- While your out running errands, and you notice the children have more energy than normal, and cannot sit still in their seats, make a stop at the playground for an hour. They will thank you for the fun, and you will thank yourself for the naps that they will take after!

6. Keep a rainy day kit- Our rainy day kit consists of crafts. We have a box with finger-paints, pom poms, pipe cleaners, feathers, glitter, Popsicle sticks, tooth picks, string, play dough, and much more. It’s the fun kit that makes them happy on yucky rainy days.

5. Plan and cook a meal together- There are lots of companies out there who make kitchen utensils just for kids. Plan a dinner and let the kids help! This will take some of the stress off of you, and the kids will love it! :-)

4. Does Laundry have you down?- Try making it into a game. put a piece of tape on the floor, and stand back, and you and the kids take turns trying to "make it in" however I wouldn't suggest it with underwear, you don’t want flying underwear everywhere!

3. Sing-a-longs- Think of some great children’s songs that you can sing while doing boring unfun stuff with the kids. Dance around while you do it. Like the Hokey Pokey while putting the dishes away, just don’t spin and get too dizzy and drop the dishes!

2. Bath time pretend food- Grab a few mixing bowls, a few spoons, whisks, spatulas ect and start making some food while they bathe! it will make it easier for washing them, and they will have a blast doing it!

And finally, my favorite thing to do...

1. Create your own bedtime stories, when you wake up!- Your children probably tell you right when they wake up what they dreamt about the night before, right? While you are making them breakfast, grab the construction paper and the crayons and tell them to create a dream story book. Well, tell them to draw the pictures, and (if need be) you can write in the words..

Try some of these fun ideas to make your day with the kids more fun. Make sure that you have a camera ready thought, because kids say and do the darnest things! Have a great and FUN day!

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