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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fluff-N-Treat Twitter Party Tonight! #FluffNTreat

Come Join me tonight! My twitter name is @BreenaElizabeth I will there and following along with the host  Callie from Eco Chic Parties! It's going to be a blast! Win Prizes! Say Hi to me If you join in! Would love to see my readers there!

Use the Hashtag #FluffNtreat to join in!


newmami_rgv said...

Hi there! Stopping by from the Twitter Party.... you were telling me about the upcoming giveaways!

JakenMattsMom said...

Yes! I am glad you came by! I will have the Grovia AIO review/giveaway up I am hoping and the Tommee Tippee REview/Giveaway up by Tonight/ Thursday at noon! I have a $50.00 paypal giveaway right now, that I earned through swagbucks that I am going to be drawing in a few days, plus if you look through, there is a Review/Giveaway for a My baby's Green Cloth Diaper!

So much! I will be having a review/giveaway of Mother of a sale too They are great and having the mother of all fluff sale soon too! Ahh so much to do and write lol!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep watching, unless something drastic comes up atleast the Grovia will be up by Thursday at noon :)