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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet The Daddy Bloggers at Dads Talking!

I stumbled and tripped onto this blog. But this was not a ball under the feet kinda trip, it was more like the little person crawling infront of you while your reading and walking at the same time, and don't see them kind of trip. I assume as parent's you've all been there! (I know I have!) *Now your thinking about the last time you did that!

Dads Talking has to be one of the greatest blogs I have come across. It's well written, stylish, and upfront and best of all, it's written by dads! Reading a daddy written blog has a completely different idea and perspective on being a parent. Mommy bloggers tell the tale from conception, where as dads start at birth. They talk about the same social media and famous problems and gossip that we as Mommy bloggers do.

I would LOVE for you all as my readers to check out Dads Talking. What was really great, was that my husband found their blog and reccomended it to me!

*Have a Happy Halloween!*


DaDa Rocks! said...

I'm glad you're husband is finding our community enjoying and rewarding!

We are all just trying to figure out better ways to communicate and hopefully you'll tune into our radio show starting this week :)