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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Layering, your body, your mind, and your clothes!

When I was younger, probably around 8 years old, I remember my mom making me dress in layers. She always told me, “If you hot, you can take them off, but if you get cold, it will be a lot harder to put more on.” This was true because we used to go out snowmobiling, and 4 wheeling, and it would get really cold as the sun would go down. However, these were not stylish layers. These were ugly thermals, under large long sleeve shirts, under a fleece pull-over, under my winter jacket. I look like this huge snowman as we were leaving the house.
Now that I am older, I do the same thing to my children. They always have a tee-shirt under a sweatshirt, or a button up shirt. I try to fit style into it if possible, because well, no one likes looking like a dork. My husband has no sense of style when it comes to clothing. He wears what ever is comfortable. However, I have to wear something that I feel “me” in. Usually, I wear a spaghetti strap tank top under whatever I am wearing. Then, will come the short sleeve shirt, and then the sweatshirt, and then, if needed the jacket.
I absolutely LOVE the long sweaters, short sleeve or long, it doesn’t matter. Usually I start with the tank top, then depending on the color of sweater. These sweaters go great with pretty much anything. I love to wear them with the leggings, because they go so far down that they cover your butt, and it almost looks like a dress, but yet your wearing legging capri’s or pants, and it looks great!
Here are my ten layering tips!
10. Make sure that what you are layering is comfortable.

9. Make sure that if you can see the under layers, that they match…which means you don’t want lime green and orange…(unless that’s your style!)

8. Look at the different colors of the item before you buy it. Sometimes, breaking down and buying the brown sweater instead of buying the black one, will fit better into your wardrobe, and make it easier to fit into multiple outfits instead of just one.

7. Make sure that what you are layering isn’t too bulky, or thick.

6. Always carry a “just in case” layer in your car. This is specifically important if you live in New England like we do. The weather always changes. Or, if you spill something on your sweater, you can not worry because you have an extra one!

5. Make sure that you are properly layered. It disgusts me when I see these preteens walking down the street in the middle of winter wearing a tank top layered only with a tee shirt. It’s winter for god sakes, wear some clothes!

4. Allow for mishaps. It’s always good to allow for mishaps when layering, so make sure that your under layers are presentable if your outer layer gets, well, yucky.

3. Always look professional with your layers. Make sure that your wardrobe is professional, especially for the unthinkable. If your single you may meet the guy of your dreams, you don’t want to look dorky.

2. Make sure you keep up with the weather. You don’t want to layer too many layers especially if it’s 40 degrees when you leave the house, and it ends up be 80 degrees at noon time. If you left the house in a sweater without a presentable shirt underneath, then you didn’t keep up with the weather.
1. Last, but not least. Love the way you look. Mix and match outfits, try the impossible. You never know, you make like it. AND you want to make a style of all your own. That’s what makes you unique and unique is good.
After reading what I have here, go into your closet, pull out some of those old clothes, and start mixing and matching. You never know what a treasure chest you have if you wear the same old things. Layering is in, it makes women look slimmer, and curvy. It draws good attention to yourself, and makes your self esteem and confidence go up, and you will feel good.

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