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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Does This Church have my sons photos on their facebook??? Privacy issue!

My son Jacob attends Sanford First Baptist Church with his grandparents who will not let him come home to us. However, my son is NOT baptist, nor will he ever be as long as he is under 18. I may not have guardianship of my son because of their lies, but I still have parental rights, which means that I have to give my permission for my sons photos to be used.

Now, I probably would not have had an issue if I was approched and asked about it. I would have most likely said go for it, because even though my family is catholic, I have no problem with the baptist religion itself.

This is the point that my sons photos are advertising functions at a church without my permission. That is where I draw the line. I'm not going to put up a gigantic fuss about this. But it will be mentioned when the time comes. I saved the photos/ screenshots of them being on the churches facebook so I have the proof so if they take them down. Taking them down will do no good at this point.

If you would like to see them please visit Sanford First Baptists Facebook page

P.S. Can you tell I'm upset about this? Its redicules!


Anonymous said...

If the way you treat people is what Roman Catholics teach then I am very happy to be a Baptists.

JakenMattsMom said...

Well I am glad you are happy to be a baptist. BUT I am happy to be a catholic. It is not the way you treat people it is a way of life for yourself. It is the values you choose.

HOWEVER Catholic women do not go around and kidnap children like baptists do. The baptists went overseas and kidnapped a bus load of children, and then later on got caught and arrested. It was all over the news Baptists protest at soliders funeral, when these men and women come home from overseas. So, are you still proud to be apart of a religion that kidnaps children and protests at fallen men and womens soliders funerals? Your religion hurts so many people, but once again, it is the lifestyle you choose. You choose how to live your life, and there are plenty of baptists out there who treat people wrongfully. So don't make yourself out to be a saint.

I wish that you had enough confidence in yourself to not remain anonymous, and actually say who you are. But you must not be too proud to be a baptist if you wont even say your name...

This is a very touchy subject for me, and if you would like to continue this conversation please email me at

Thanks and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

This is a very touchy subject for me to . The Catholic church has a fair amount of scandals to. so if you want to go back and forth here are a few names of priests up in the Boston area. As far as the protesters at military funerals these people need to go back to their Bible and learn about Christ and the people he was saving. I am former Military and have closed to many body bags to send men back to their families. The missionaries in Haiti had good intentions but their good intentions were not thought through. What they did was wrong. As far as Catholic and Baptist we are both Christian based with a divergence on a couple of key points. You believe in baptism at birth in wich there is no place in the Bible that this is mentioned. in the Bible the baptisms were performed on adults only. We believe that baptism occurs when a person has accepted Christ as his savior.
Next Catholics believe that they are saved by good works. Baptists believe that they have to accept Christ to be saved.

So as far as Religion goes we are both Christians. If you want to bash mine go ahead. there are people in both the Catholic and the Baptist that have made mistakes.

Jesus Christ died on the Crucifix to save us from our sins. I have committed many sins today but admit them freely to my savior. no person on this Earth is free of sin especially me.Do you admit your sins?

And yes I am going to stay anonymous.

A Boston lawyer with clients accusing Catholic clergy of sexual abuse has issued a new list of priests who he says have settled lawsuits or lost in arbitration.

The list includes many priests already publicly named, but attorney Mitchell Garabedian says it also includes 19 new names. They are:

1) Father Joseph Angeli (Boston Archdiocese)

2) Father Myron F. Bullock (Boston Archdiocese)

3) Father James E. Connelly (Boston Archdiocese)

4) Father John E. Guiney (Boston Archdiocese)

5) Father Arthur J. Hagan (Boston Archdiocese)

6) Father Kenneth Murphy (Boston Archdiocese)

7) Deacon Joseph A. Papile (Boston Archdiocese)

8) Father James C. Shaughnessey (Boston Archdiocese)

9) Monsignor Francis S. Shea (Boston Archdiocese)

10) Monsignor William B. Shea (Boston Archdiocese)

11) Father Michael D. Sullivan (Boston Archdiocese)

12) Father Joseph P. Veneto (Boston Archdiocese)

13) Brother Nolan Farrell (Boston Archdiocese)

14) Father William J. Duffy (New England Society of Jesus)

15) Father Rene Gaudin (Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary: Fall River Diocese)

16) Father Donald J. Joyce (Oblates of Mary Immaculate)

17) Father Leo Pollard (New England Society of Jesus

18) Brother Dennis Raeihle (Franciscan Friars of the Atonement)

19) Brother George Sheehan (Salesians of Don Brosco)
Copyright 2011 The Herald News. Some rights reserved

JakenMattsMom said...

Well “Anonymous” Are you ashamed to be Baptist? Is that why you are refusing to state your identity? I guess you can believe what you would like, but regarding the baptism, by your standard that means that children who the lord takes from us too soon do not go to heaven because they cannot understand and accept Christ? What about the babies who die of SIDS or Cancer before they can even talk? Do they not get at least a chance? Children are born sin free, and baptized with the assumption that they accept god into their hearts. When they are old enough to decide whether they accept god or not, they decide for themselves.
God chooses where and when things will happen for example the earthquake in Haiti.
Catholics do NOT believe that we are saved by good works per say; we believe that we are saved by infusion from mass, confession, communion, ECT. There is a difference, and every catholic knows that.
Those priests chose to do something that was outside gods plan. There are many people out there that have been abused by a NON Priest. Most that accuse another of Sexual abuse are lying, so they can achieve either self satisfaction, or self want, or it will benefit someone else.
I am not bashing baptist as you are calling it, but yet having a difference of opinion. Thus, why this is MY BLOG. The purpose of this post was to acknowledge the fact that I am unhappy that my son’s photos are advertising these church events; it was not intended to start a debate on Catholic VS Baptist. However if you would like to continue this, it is my blog and I do check it on a daily basis.