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Saturday, February 5, 2011

BenBellas Book Reviewer...Apparently I am a bad reviewer...?

So, I have yet to start the reading of the Benbella's Book that I have been sent for review. It is supposed to be targeted at my sons age group (3-7). But how can you publish a childs book without photos or pictures in it and have it be 200 pages long??? That is beyond me. However, I will be starting to read it this week. After I am done, I will be giving the book away to one of my readers to they can too enjoy it (or hate it, depending.) As a reviewer of the book I will recieve a copy of the book personalized with Jacobs name in it so he may enjoy it himself when he can read books like that. I am excited too because I am starting his "Big Kid" book collection, and already have a book signed by an author for him, and yes it is a childrens book.