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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ipad Raffle!! Must Read!

As you all know I purchased an Ipad the beginning of December 2010. Today I was lucky enough to get the Iphone, and no longer need or want the Ipad. This Ipad is retail $499.99. I can easily sell it outright for $419.99. However I thought it would be fun to raffle to one of my readers. I would be keeping 40% of the raffle $ since I did spend the $500 on it, however the other 60% would be donated to a non profit organization. I am currently still checking out the non profits to make sure they are real nonprofits, and are licensed as such.

The Details:

Ipad 16GB WiFi With Charger and Box. Retail $499.99

1 Raffle Ticket: $5.00

2 Raffle Tickets: $10.00

3 Raffle Tickets: $15.00

4 Raffle Tickets: $20.00

If you would like anymore raffle tickets than this, please contact me. The minimum amount of tickets to be sold is 150, Maximum is 300. If Maximum is met than I will only recieve $300 and the rest will be donated to a non profit. You will recieve a raffle ticket number(s) after you purchase your tickets via paypal email address.