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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work is boring tonight! Plus some random rambling!

So, work is very quiet tonight *knock on wood* there have only been a few jumpers, and a few wet beds, but other than that is been a peaceful night. We have multiple people on hospice which is is heartbreaking but it will be okay when god decides it's their time. I guess one the residents had a bad fall yesterday on 7-3 shift and she's on my assignment tonight, and I feel so and for her because she has stitches in her head and lots of bruises and is in lots of pain.

Things are hopefully looking good for taking the kids to toy story 3 on ice on February 18th, and to the aquarium on February 13th. Those will be fun trips :-)

Oh I can't wait for the family trips! I love my life as mommy and wife. I love you Jacob, Matthew, and Steven.