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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pennsylvania Trip! Eckley & Fire Station Photos

So, We have been in Pennsylvania since Sunday night. So far it has been pretty good. This is the first trip we have taken since Matthew has been born in January 2010, that is more than 1 hour from home. We have met some interesting people, and cool people, and even funny people.

The reason for this trip was to see my brothers and my 2nd mother, and so far we have had a flawless trip. We are dreading the ride home however considering its almost 7 hours one way, but we made it out here so we can make it back.

I can't wait to share most of the photos with you, we went to Eckley, and we also went to the Brainard Church and the One Room School house, the photos are amazing, especially with my Sony NEX-3. I want to get some more lenses for the next time we come out :) That would be great to get the fish-eye lens.

For Now, here are a few photos from our trip thus far...