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Friday, May 27, 2011

How Do You Say That? Dialect VLOG Hop #6

This is actually my first one, so dont let the title fool you. This is just the number MamaDweeb is on :)

How it works:
You read the list of words and answer the list of questions on a vlog. Then, you upload the video to your blog and link up here so we can all go and see how we say things the same or different! It is amazing how many different ways there are to say something and really fun to hear the different accents (or lack of accents) from different places.

I’d love to hear from England, Canada and other countries! Let’s get the Dialect hop global!

** I copied the rules, and the questions/words directly from MamaDweeb**

The Words:
Library, etcetera, mischievous, ticklish, triathlon, prerogative, candidate, balsamic, grocery, Niche
The Questions:

1. What condiments do you like on your cold cut sandwich?

2. What do you call the small drawer in your dashboard where you keep your insurance information?

3. What is another way people around you say “go to the bathroom”

4. What do you call the thing you write with that is not a pencil?
5. What is another way to say, “take a bath?” (I didn’t know this, but take a tub?)

6. What is another way to say that someone is running around utterly confused? (Like a……)

7.What is another way of saying something creeps you out?
8. Is it Jerry Rigging or Jimmy Rigging?


Dazee Dreamer said...

I love these vlog hops. I'm going to have to do it. And believe it or not, I don't think you sound like you are from Mass. (not even going to try spelling it out, I know I would get it wrong)

Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World said...

Nice to meet you! In the midwest they do use the word wicked :-)

Have heard of skeeve too, but not often.

Annie @ Mama Dweeb said...

Thank you for joining! Sorry it took me quite a bit to get here.
YAY for a New England gal! I was hoping someone from north of me would join :)
Yup, I have no clue how to say Niche. You sounded great though.
Oh, I have to ask about hot dog toppings next! Thanks for the idea!
Some ppl call it glove compartment, but I think that is the same as glove box :)
Take a leak, we say that here in Kansas, but not very often. You had me rolling with "write in the snow with your pee!"
You say take a tubby? I have NEVER heard that before! Standing under the waterfall? Never heard that either. Love it!
Skeevs! That's the word I couldn't think of. I have heard that lots before.
That is my point about Jimmy rigging! I guess in the south it is "jury rigging" with their drawls. That question is my favorite.
Have a great week!