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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Completed orders Shipping 5/12 :)

So, my personal deadline had been passed as soon as Monday at 5pm hit...UGH, then Tuesday came and went, and still had yet to be able to finish. Today I had the day off from the regular day job, so I decided I needed to Buckle down and just get them done.

So with success today, I have finished Michelle B.'s order & Jahnava A.'s order.

Michelle B.'s Order was for her friend who has a newborn baby girl and her order consisted of:

2 Burp & Bib Sets
6 Bibs

Here is the Photo's of her order :)

Then the 2nd order completed is Jahnava A.'s Order, Which consisted of 2 Bibs, Tag Blankie, and 1 Fabric Flower...

Yay! These will be shipping March 12th, 2011 (Tomorrow) and hopefully will reach their destination by Saturday! (If not Saturday, then Monday.)

These Orders were placed on Friday May 6th, and Saturday May 7th, so my turn around time was not that great this time around, but Mother's day was a special work free day for me, and I worked 35 hours at the day job since last friday. So, I had hoped to have them done for Monday, but Thursday isn't that bad either :)

Thanks for looking :)

Next Orders Up:

Sara T. 4 Bibs & Hearts Pettiskirt

Joanna M. 24 Napkins & 2 ouchie Bags

Hopefully more to add to the list soon! :)


J Adams said...

Yay!! I'm so excited! I think you are doing a great turnaround for custom items while you still have a full job AND an important holiday.