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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Talk about it Tuesday Recap! #Guns don't kill people, People kill People

So, tonight I started a Talk about it Tuesday!

Tonight, I had more participants than I thought would chime in, but I love it!

Here was the first Facebook Post:

Tonight's 1st talk about it Tuesday Topic:

Who is against guns? Who believes the phrase "guns kill people?"

and Yes, I know I am opening a can of worms here! But I need to know every ones thoughts before I post the blog post...

Unanimous Decision:

Guns are not the ones to kill people, people pulling the trigger kills people. You don't need a gun to kill, you could kill someone with a spoon. There are so many tragic endings to lives, that could be avoided, especially the ones involving children. If the gun owner had been educated at all about their firearms, they all could have been prevents. The children that die because of parents leaving loaded guns in drawers, or under beds because they live in a "bad" neighborhood, is not an excuse. If the neighborhood is THAT bad, then you should not live there.

Having guns in a house with children is okay as long as they are locked up, and disassembled. Everyone who agreed said that when they were young children when they were introduced to guns, before they were even curious to what guns were, and that they were educated by their parents about them. They were educated on what could happen with them, and how they worked, and the proper handling. They were educated the right way, and when old enough they were taught how to use them in a safe manner.

 It was agreed that NOTeveryone should be able to buy guns when they reach a certain age, and that there should be a requirement of getting a certified education by an instructor, and holding the proper license to own one.

It has been said before that "gun's kill people" and this saying tonight has been talked about. It is not the GUN that kills people, it's the person behind the gun, who pulls the trigger that kills the person. Hence why the person who uses the gun is prosecuted, and not the gun itself.

The Second Amendment states: "... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The meaning of this amendment would vary on whom with you speak about this. I do not think it's infringing on your rights to have and bear arms if you are required to be properly trained with the firarm you wish to have in order to be able to purchase it. I DO NOT think you should be allowed to just buy a gun.

Did you hear a while back about the person who shot his foot off, and then sued the gun company because it happened? Now, if this person was properly trained on his gun, and how to use it, that would have never happened.

All these familes who had guns in the house, and who's children died because their children got a hold of their gun out of curiousity, should be prosecuted becuse they were negelectful, and untrained.

If you have your opion on our Talk about it Tuesday, please comment below. I would be happy to have the conversation with you as well. I will be posting our other two topics from tonight, tomorow, one was about cloth diapers VS disposable, and the other topic was Obama.

Thanks for reading everyone. Please chime in, i would love to get talking some more!

Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

We need to crack down on access to guns because we have the highest homicidal rate in the whole world. You may say guns don't kill people, people kill people but they need access to the guns to be able to kill. A lot of gun sales go unchecked at gun shows. Even Al-Qaeda made a statement to their following that they should just purchase guns at a gun show.

JakenMattsMom said...

I completely agree that access should be restricted, which is why I said that there should be a procedure that you need to get certified and licensed to posess one, although I did leave out there should be a backgroud check in there, but thats besides the point. You should have to undergo a mental evaluation, ad a background check, and then through a saftey course, and proper storage course. Good point though, thank you.

~Miss Sarah~ said...

Yes I agree with you on this. We have a few guns in our house as well as children. We of course have them unloaded and in cases, and the bullets are located elsewhere. My husband grew up around them, where as I didn't but I didn't come into contact with them until I was a teen, but knew most things about them cause I took a hunting firearms class. We are teaching our oldest son that they are dangerous and once he is old enough he will be taught the logistics of it. Great topic!

Mehera said...

There are safety regulations and background checks needed to buy guns, it is the people buying guns illegally and ignoring the safety precautions that they are taught.

I also know that any gun salesman is able to not allow you to buy a gun if they think you will use it inappropriately.

How far can the law regulate? The law can't control everything - it is up to people's own decisions and whether they are responsible or not...its very sad when accidents happen due to carelessness.