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Saturday, June 18, 2011

What I can promise if I win the Lovable Labels contest

Here are the promises I can make if I were to win the Lovable Labels Blogher Contest. Now, please remember that it's not $350.00 or the other blogher ticket like another finalist is giving away. But I can give you real true, professional promises.

What I can promise to my fans:

1) I promise to Blog at least 2-3 times a day during the conference (or after a seminar) about all that I have learned, and how I will bring that into my blogging.

2) I promise to take LOTS of photos to show everyone the in depth details on the conference

3) I promise to use my new found knowledge to help you all in any way that i can.

4) I promise to tweet you and update via facebook during the contest.

What I can promise to Lovable Labels:

1) I can promise that I will tweet, blog, and facebook update throughout the conference (I own an iPhone)

2) I promise to represent Lovable Labels with the utmost respect, and class.

3) I promise to be professional with all of my actions, and sayings

4) I promise to do all I can to be the perfect Representative

I hope that this will help everyone to vote for me. this would be a great opportunity for me, on more than one level to be able to attend. Please click the link below to vote for me, and leave a comment after you vote. You can vote once daily.

Thank you to all my loyal fans!


Becky W said...

I think that is great what you are offering to do. I think it is important to do #3 & #4 as it will show your professionalism.
Especially to the other contestants as well as you know you all worked hard to get chosen. You are each there for a reason. Just an important thing to remember.
Being the perfect representative for your own blog as well as any company is very important as you just never know who is listening or watching :) Good Luck!