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Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Apology, A Valid Excuse, A Contest, and upcoming giveaways!

So, I have been slacking over the past week or so. I have been really sick, and to the point that just taking care of the baby is exhausting me, let alone doing anything else...i.e. Blogging.

What is happening is my liver isn't processing like it should be, or well much at all for that matter. I feel like crap. I can only eat small portions, through out the day until I'm just "not hungray" anymore, which is usually after 2-3 bites. I am always so sick to my stomach. So, this is my valid excuse for not keeping up with everything.

I have found a few minutes to enter another photo contest, it would be great for us to win this, so Jacob could get this prize for Christmas. I think being 4 years old, he would LOVE to get this.

If you could or would take a few minutes just to click the link below and do the following:

"Like" bounce houses now on Facebook, (or you can't like the photo)
then "Like" our Holiday Photo. Comments do not count as votes, only the "likes" are votes. If you can do this for me, you can have 5 extra entries into our upcoming giveaways, which are:

$25 Gift card to Mother of a Sale
Tommee Tippee Cups, bowls, and feeding pots
Baby Legs Grab bag
OR our current giveaway for a Grovia Diaper!

Here is the link below to vote:

Please comment here with your facebook name (or names if your spouse votes too) that you voted with so you can get your extra entries.

Facebook | Fan photos from Bounce Houses Now

Next week I will be starting the wordless wednesday blog hop again, and regular routines.

I will be posting winners of the Fracture Giveaway, The Teething bling giveaway, and the CSNstores giveaway by 6pm est tomorrow. I AM EXTENDING ENTERING for them all until 12noon tommorow because of me way of making up for it.

I am so sorry again everyone, off to sleepy land to nap while the baby naps!