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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Favorite Roadtrip & Tips for Travel

Our Favorite Road Trip had to be when my now 4 year old son, at the time, 3 years old, and I went to Connecticut for my cousin Nikki’s Wedding. We were supposed to leave at 8am to drive the 3 hour drive to the ceremony and reception. Well come to find out, there was to be a parade that day, and our major route was going to be blocked from 9am-12 noon! Yikes!

Well, That didn’t stop us! Jacob went to bed at about 10pm. He was just getting used to his new toddler bed at the time. I had gone to bed reasonably early as well that night since well, I had a 3 hour drive in the morning. 4:30am, I wake up to Jacob crying. I’m not sure how he had done it, since his bed had slightly elevated sides, but he fell out of the bed. But, then he didn’t want to go back to bed, and it’s almost 5am at that point so I decide, GUESS WHAT?!?! We are leaving for Connecticut now!

This isn't from our CT trip, but it's from
one of our many car trips!

We packed up the rest of the car by 5:30am and off we went. However, this didn’t go without a snafu of course. Jacob falls asleep in the car about 10 minutes down 495 South. This was great, I set cruise control at 65 MPH, turned the radio up a little bit, and watched the sun rise, while there was no traffic on a brisk morning. Then we get on the Mass Pike. This was the first trouble.

Just after the rest area, with no more stops or exits for 20 miles, Jacob wakes up, “Mommy, I gotta go potty!” So, he pee’d in the bushes on the Mass Pike. No bathrooms for 20 miles, we didn’t have a choice. We get back in the car, and he falls back asleep. Next rest area, we need gas, and Jacob’s still asleep. We pull in, and I search and search, only to find, I forgot my debit card at the house, and all I had was cash, with a sleeping 3 year old in the car. Luckily, the lady inside was nice enough to come out to the car to take the cash from me so I didn’t have to wake him up. Thank God for the “Help please” Button!

Finally, after that we get into Connecticut. I turn on my GPS, and it will not find signal! Nor, can I find the mapquest I had printed just in case. Which turns out I left on the Kitchen Table. So, we get lost. We stop for a 2nd breakfast and to pee, and finally figure out where we are going. Just before the major route closes for that parade. That was pure luck!
We ended up being on time, (yes, for one of the first times in my life, I was ON TIME!)
Moral of the Story? (And, My tips for traveling!)

Well, Always stop to pee, especially if there’s 20 miles between exits.

Always double check that you have all your forms of payment,

and last but not least, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DIRECTIONS!
Plus, the basics...Keep up on car matinance, check your oil, proper tire inflation, emergency roadside kit in trunk. All those are great tips for travel, and are proper safety guidelines to follow.
Happy Thanksgiving, and Have safe traveling Holidays this year!
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