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Monday, November 15, 2010

What do you think? Feedback needed please!

Well I am thinking for the holiday season that I need to get some extra money for christmas for the family. With all of the Scrapbooking stuff that is laying around my house from my grandmothers projects, I was thinking of transforming these into Cards.

Do you have any suggestions? Ideas? Advice?

I would love to make a few, and have some blogs review them for me.

Also, what price would you pay, just an approximate for Homemade, thoughtful cards, if you are on a budget? What would you be willing to spend if you wern't on a budget?

I have even thought of a way to make personalized photo cards!! I am going to make a few, and post the photos so you can get an idea. I can even address them and mail them right out for you!

Please let me know anything you think, suggest, anything, PLEASE!!!

First 4 Blogs to contact me, will recieve 5 Free Photo Homemade cards to review on their blog. Any theme you'd like.

Thanks for your feedback great followers!


Jolene said...

HI Mama! We make homemade cards every yr! I scrapbook as well so making homemade cards is super fun too! If charging...I would say at least $3.50 a piece..maby $5 including shipping :)

Also wondering if u posted a winner for the diape yet? Didnt see one but may have missed it? Thanks

Grig said...

There are two ways to solve the money problem: either make more money, or slash your spending. I like to do both. :)

I'm a new reader on your blog, so I don't know what your schedule usually looks like (e.g., working full-time or full-time housewife), but you could always donate plasma. There is a lot of stigma against it, but it can help save lives, you can do it every other day (I think), and you get somewhere around $40 for just sitting there for 2 hours. :) The best part is that you can do it every couple of days.