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Monday, January 17, 2011

Google Pagerank is a JOKE!

Did you know that Google Pagerank is a Joke??

Google decides their page rank by the opinion of the google employee that views it. How redicules is that? There is NO SYSTEM, there is NO REQUIREMENTS, THERE IS NO NOTHING!

Not only does it go on opinion, but it's only updated 4 times a year!

So, if the person who views blogs has a thing against moms, there goes all our stats! Or, if the person viewing our blogs has a bad day, there goes our rank too!

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY that companies depend on this "Pagerank" it should be called "jokerank" because it is absolutely useless!

I think that google should come up with a system for their pagerank before people start protesting outside of google, because trust me it will happen!

But, on the flip side, The Boys Mama is no longer classified as N/A we are now a 0/ that much better? I certainly Hope so! since before we were N/A and now we are 0/10, that should make some difference although it still seems quite useless to me. Between GFC, Twitter, and Facebook and everything else we have over 500 followers, but yet these companies want our pagerank, I have seen booming blogs with 5000 followers, and a 0/10 pagerank.

Go ahead and "google" it, but it's true, there is NO system, and it's based on opinion.