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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Why is everything in this world so damn difficult, (excuse my language). I mean, you need to have THIS to get THAT, but you cant get THIS without having THAT!

One thing that has been bugging me since I went back to work is the whole, you need an ID to get a new SS card, but you need a SS card to get an ID. What is the way around this? I lost my wallet for like 3 days (yes the 3 days that mattered the most, during paperwork for hiring time). So I went to get the new SS card and they refused to even talk to me without an ID, so I went to go get a new copy of my drivers license and they said I needed my SS card to get a new one. SO THANK YOU MASSACHUSETTS! I spent 8 hours looking for my wallet...and guess what? It was in the last place I looked... ;-)


ape2016 said...

There are ways around this. Many people that never drive have SS cards. It is too bad that the people you dealt with weren't more helpful, but at least you found your wallet!