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Saturday, January 15, 2011


It seems to me that there are people "searching" me again. My Google Analytics is telling me that there are certain people that are typing in my user name of "Jakenmattsmom" searching me and coming up with everything I use that user name for. So just in case anyone is wondering here are the stats that are making me mad that I am being searched.

PC TOOLS SEARCH DEFENDER (102 Times since October 2010)
ROADRUNNER SEARCH (137 Times since October 2010)
GOOGLE (87 Times since October 2010)

The 3 links above are the exact search that is used everytime.

Scott & Susan, I have asked you before privately to stop searching me. First you started by searching me and stalking my myspace profile. Then you started searching my Facebook profile as well, so I made that private. Then you found my blog before we even told you about it and started saving my posts as google docs as your "evidence" and trying to use it against me.

So this brings me to my final point. I am now asking you publicly STOP SEARCHING ME! I am really tired of seeing your IP address and your search engines pop up under my analytics. This is just as bad as when Steven and I lived at your home, and you didnt inform us that you had a keystroke program installed on your computer to keep tabs on everything and got our passwords for our Myspaces and went in and read all our messages.

Go ahead and save this as a google document and bring it into court. I am allowed to have freedom of speech. I am excercising that right. Please don't send me an email regarding anything I have said. IF you have anything to say about THIS blog post, please have your attorney contact me.

Thank you my loyal followers once again for listening to me vent! It really bothers me that I am being stalked. I promise a lot of reviews & giveaways during Matthews 1st Birthday Event that starts in 4 days!