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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frugal Family Vacation...Tricks of the trade

I would love to take a family vacation sometime soon. But, I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get us through it. I want the lowest prices, for the best quality. Spoiled? Yes, I am. Rich? I am not.

The ways to find the best deals are by utilizing your time, and planning it early enough in advance. The absolute best resource has to be the World Wide Web, or AKA the internet. There are so many deals floating around just waiting to be found and used!

1. When planning for a family trip, it is best to plan it at least 6-8 weeks in advance. There will be all kinds of deals that you are going to want to look at, however sometimes; booking at the last minute might save you even more than booking early. When resorts, and cruises, and ECT have space to fill and it’s getting near the date, they will cut their prices just to fill the empty space.

2. However this (#1) is all based on multiple things, especially peak season versus off peak season.

3. Off peak season is the best time, usually just after the peak season. You know fall instead of summer.

4. Loyalty rewards programs are usually the best way to go if your family travels quite a bit. They will save you time, money, and hassle. Using a loyalty rewards program however does have their downfalls, like blackout dates, and very confusing restrictions, but this all is contingent on which loyalty rewards program you choose to use.

5. Child Friendly, and Age appropriate are all things we look for. We do not want to take the children to a hotel that is not child friendly. Who know’s what it is like if it’s not even child friendly.

6. Daily deal sites are great- But you must be spur of the moment with them. Usually the deal is only for 24 hours.

7. If driving, know your route and ALL the pit stops along the way-Those are important

8. Pack your own food if and when possible. On vacations food is the #1 expense that can be cut down to make it a frugal fun vacation. The amount you can save by bringing your own from the grocery store will probably pay for one more night at the hotel!

9. Don’t choose popular dates. Everyone and their uncles, aunts, and twice removed cousins will be traveling and vacationing on those days. It won’t be a pleasant or enjoyable vacation when you’re sitting in traffic wasting gas which will cost you more money, or if you’re paying more for a hotel because it’s a popular date.

10. if you decide what you’re going to do when make sure its refundable if you pay in advance, life happens, things change, and even sometimes you find a better deal.

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laurapizza5 said...

Nice to know there are some other younger mamas out there, great trip advice here! We are vacationing for the first time with a baby this May so I appreciate it! Also thanks for the lions and tigers and boys Facebook flash giveaway, I follow this blog now! I hope I win!

laurapizza5 said...

Thanks for the lions and tigers and boys giveaway! Laura bentley

Michelle said...

Great vacation tips! I have 4 children on an enlisted paycheck. We always have fun, at a cost friendly price. I like to freeze the capri sun style juice boxes. They last even on hot summer FL days. I also freeze grapes, buy uncrustable pb&j sandwiches for quick on the go food. The biggest cost I find is drinks! Man, they really add up!! Nice blog :)

Ellen said...

Thanks for the lions and tigers and boys giveaway =)

Ellen said...

Thanks for the lions and tigers and boys giveaway =) Hope I haven't doubled post this =)