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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Creepy Interesting bug story!

So, You want to know a funny or creepy story that happened to me? Well I'm not exactly sure if it's creepy, funny, or both! So here it goes:

My dad bought his first house in Lee, New Hampshire about a year ago. Now New Hampshire, has some of the creepiest, weirdest, and down right funny looking bugs you'll ever see.

This is my dad's house

But this bug wasn't just ANY bug, it was a spider! and I HATE SPIDERS! I am the girl that screams whenever I see one, and make my husband get it out.

We went to help my dad with making his new house a home, and I was assigned the yard. Now, I didnt think much about my fear of spiders, or my just icky crawling feeling when I see a bug, and I went along with my assignment. Now, there are rose bushes in the front of the house that needed some TLC, so, I went to it. Next thing, i am screaming like a little baby who wants a bottle!

In on one of the branches was this HUGE spider, and I have never ever seen one like this before. My brothers are all "ahhh, that's cool" meanwhile, I am having a nervous breakdown because I touched this spider!

My brothers thought it would be cool to capture this spider and show it to my dad, although he wasn't back from Home Depot yet. They took a photo of him and sent it to him. Even looking at this picture creeps me out. I don't like HATE spiders.

So, May I present, the biggest, scarriest spider I have ever seen!

And, there you have it...It's cool looking in the photo, But I would NEVER EVER want to see one in person again, and still to this day, I can't even identify what type of spider this is, or if its even poisenous.

Thank DAD for giving me yard duty, I'll never take yard duty again!

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