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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Raising Money & Looking for Items for Krista Dittmeyers Daughter & Family

It's amazing a mothers instinct and what a mother can do for her children. Krista Dittmeyer was a young 20 year old mother from Bridgeton, Maine. Last Saturday, a passerby found Krista's car abandoned with its hazard lights on, and running in the Cranmore Ski Area parking lot in Conway, NH. Inside the car, strapped in sleeping was her 14 month old daughter Aliyah, Krista was no where to be found. The search for Krista tragically ended last Wednesday night, when Authories pulled her from Duck Pond.

My heart goes out to Krista's family and daughter, and no I didnt know them personally at all. Krista was an amazing girl, and I believe that she would want to give her daughter the world. So, I know I can't give her daughter the world, but I can atleast help Kristas family to.

I have been working on a blanket for Aliyah, and also rounding up some clothes and toys. Aliyah is in 18+ months clothes.

I have a raffle going on right now at ChunkyMonkeyBumz and there are 2 prizes that are both fluff!

Heres the link to check it out....ChunkyMonkeyBumz Raffle

I would like to get Aliyah the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe for this summer.

If you have any 18+ month clothes or toys or anything you have made and you would like to donate and mail to them, please email me at theboysmamareviews at hotmail dot com and I can give you their mailing address.

If you are able to do a monetary donation I have set up a seperate Paypal just for this cause.
You may send any monetary donations to through paypal, Please Note that the monetary donations will be used for clothing, and toys and other items to send to the family.

Thank you for reading this!

R.I.P Krista Dittmeyer