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Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Kids Rooms :) Jungle Animals & Construction trucks and race cars!

My sons are SOOOO much alike, but sooo different at the same time. While I was pregnant with Matthew, I painted (with fume free paint) Jacob's Room a bright blue, and then stenciled off a checkered flag racing stripe around his whole room. Yes, it was very tedious work, but well worth it. Jacob LOVES IT! Jacob also has a twin size blue race car bed that he absolutely adores to match his room. His room looks like a toys r us! LOL

Matthew's room is up next on the photo tour here :) Before Matthew was born, I fell in LOVE with the Nojo Jungle Babies Theme :) We have the WHOLE SET! Yes, even the Mobile, and the lamp and the wall hangings. I could not decide, and still cant decide where to put the wall hangings so they are sitting on his dresser, and his crib bumbers, and his mobile have been taken down because of the, well, becuase he was standing and pulling and grabbing on to both. I think I may be putting crash pads on his crib though because matthew is such a daredevil! But Jacobs god father came and painted Matthews room because daddy was working so much in the last few weeks of the pregnancy, and its a nice green :)

I loved decorating my boys rooms. Matthews toys are all in the living room, along with 1/2 of Jacobs toys, because Matthew is too little to play in his room. My boys rooms are perfect, just like they are :)

Mommy Loves You Jacob William & Matthew Joseph!