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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Colorsplash Sunday {Late} with Artistically Amy

So, This may be my last week participating the the Colorsplash, I havent decided yet. what brought on this decision is that, I do NOT own Photoshop. The way these photos are judged are by the technique used, not by the actual photo or the colorsplash technique, and by using online editors I dont have that many options. I will decide by next week if I will continue to participate. It really has NO fun in it after you realize that you are beat out every week without a chance of getting in the top 3.
But here is my photo this week. I have colorsplashed the eyes for a full intense effect.



Amy said...

That IS really intense! He has very nice eyes.

You don't need to have photoshop to make a great photo with selective coloring. I know many people who use free editing programs for ALL of their photo editing.

Also, please read this post that explains more about the "technique" that I am looking for when I pick my favorites:

It has nothing to do anyone's editing program. Everyone has a chance to get in the top 3.