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Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 Time saving tips...What are yours?

So, being a busy mother, you need to have some time saving techniques that you use to get through your day, and get everything done. I am here to share with you my 10 tips on saving time while having a busy life without sacrificing quality in the tasks you do.

1. You need to have 4 arms. This would give you the ability to hold on to children while completing your tasks, thus completing everything in a timely fashion J

2. A taxi. A taxi would save time, it could pick up and drop off the kids at different times and save you from having to run all over town.

3. A personal assistant. This would help with organizing your tasks so you can get them done on time and perfect.

4. A time travel machine. This would give you the ability to see into the future, so you can plan more accordingly.

5. The ability to be in 5 places at once . This is extremely important.

6. Magical toys that clean themselves up, dinner that makes itself, and laundry that washes itself. These are extremely important too.

7. A husband who can do everything for themselves

8. A car that never breaks down

9. Children that listen.

And last but not least.

10. A money tree that never runs dry J

Obviously, these things are impossible. So, There is really only one tip I can give you.

You need to plan out your day accordingly, the night before bed, is the perfect time to do this. If you plan your day, and give yourself enough time to get your tasks done, than you should have enough time incase anything jumps up and gets into your way.

I know, your probably saying that this is going to be impossible, and that you cannot predict the unpredicted, but in truth my friend you can. I wish I knew yesterday, what I knew now. But your hindsight is 20/20 right?

You can’t always get everything done. We are not superwomen. But we can get enough do everyday to survive. That’s all that matters. At the end of the day, when you’ve completed your tasks, you’ll feel good about yourself, and remember, the laundry can wait until tomorrow, Live for today, and do what you need to, to the best of your ability.

Enjoy your children, and your family. Nothing is THAT important that it can’t wait.

What are your time saving tips? Do you have anythign that helps you through your day. I want to know. Comment here with your tips! You never know, I may feature your tip as a post!

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Tara said...

love these! i really like the taxi and personal assistant... what mom couldn't use those!