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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting fed up

I'm really getting fed up with "competitive" bloggers. These would be the bloggers that say "don't swipe our sponsors" and who never return emails because they think you are trying to steal their secrets. They also have their nose up in the air and have the I'm better than you are attitude. This is all ridicules, which is why I took the kind hearted bloggers pledge. Blogging isnt about who is the best, it's about unity and working together. I refuse to work with any blogger who is a competitive blogger. I just can't deal with the snobby attitude.

On another note, I know times are hard, but if your going to Blogher ANYWAYS even if you DON'T get sponsorship, why don't you leave the contests to win sponsorship to the bloggers that won't be going unless they are sponsored. I know every penny counts, but it would be great if some of us smaller bloggers would be able to attend.

Sorry about my rant tonight everyone!!

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jerricaparr said...

No need to be sorry about the ranting. (: We all do it.

I agree completely about the competitive bloggers. I've ran into many of them throughout my blogging experience, but I just delete/unfollow and go on my own way. It's rude & unnecessary.

As for Blogher, although I would love to attend, my husband and I are expecting our first baby in August, so I will be a busy bee. But I do wish you luck in receiving sponsorship! (:

I hope that your day gets better as it goes and that you run into much nicer bloggers - they are out there, I promise.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with you. I can't tell you how many bloggers I emailed when I first started review blogging and got responses from TWO. The rest didn't even bother to tell me they'd rather not give up their secrets, they just never responded. Of the two that did help, one has remained a "friend" and we've even chatted on facebook a few times about totally un-blog related things.

I also get fed up with "review" bloggers who review things that their family can't even use. I can think of one in particular (and I know of others!) whose youngest child is 5 or 6 and who recently reviewed both an infant carseat AND a stroller. I don't understand how/why she would review those!

So, yes, I agree. Keep up the good work, mama!

Mindy said...

Good for you! Having a more kind-hearted approach is more likely to keep readers like me. Keep your chin up!

hippie_mom said...

I completely agree with the kind-hearted, humble blogging. It is frustrating that people go after things they don't need, leaving the less fortunate behind. However, while some who entered don't have the means to go to Blogher without a sponsorship, we don't all know what the other bloggers life is like. Overall if chosen wouldn't you like it to be based on your hardwork and not a matter of your circumstances? Just remember we can't always control our circumstances, but we can control our ambition. have a great Day & let me know if you need anything!

Natalie (@hippie_mom)

Jeniffer said...

I definitely agree with you. We SHOULD be working together instead of competing! It's ridiculous to think otherwise! I understand maybe keeping some secrets, but to not offer any advice at all? It just seems rude.

I'm thankful that there are bloggers like you who are willing to help those who ask. It's definitely a blessing! :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

Yeah!! What you said!!!!

Jennifer Leigh said...

I don't consider myself a competitive blogger but to say we're snobs for not responding to those kind of emails is a bit much don't you think? I get at least 15 of those emails every single week not to mention the addition 20 facebook messages. If I responded to them all I'd never get anything done.

I know I figured it out on my own so maybe I just figure that others will too.

As far as having products that don't fit our kids. I may even be the blogger the above person is talking about.... Did you stop and think about what the readers want? My readers LOVE when I work with companies such as Britax and Jeep. You don't know what we do with our products. For example many of my products are being donated to the local hurricane victims that recently lost everything.

You don't know the backside of what other people are going through and why they aren't responding or taking certain opportunities. I think when you want to be sticking together this post gives the exact opposite message because it makes me feel defensive.

Katie said...

I can understand where that would seemingly be really frustrating. The thing is, many "competitive bloggers" (not how I would refer to certain blogs, but your choice of wording) work really hard to become as successful as they are. Often times THEY are approached by PR reps to work with the big name companies, and often there is an element of trust involved - that they are not able to just give away that information. One analogy would be that you worked for 3 weeks on a huge project for school, did all the research, spent money on things and stayed up all hours of the night. Along comes a friend who is working on the same project and they ask you if they can borrow all your info and props. Do you just let them because they asked nice?

Yes, we do all have to work together. That is why there are so many great blogging communities where people can meet other bloggers and work together. You can understand why someone might be skeptical if they get a random e-mail asking for their (for example) Little Tikes rep, or Britax rep info. Trust me, I've been doing this a LONG time and even if I did get that information handed to me, chances are the company isn't even going to work with me because I'm not a "huge" blog.

Yes, it would be nice to get an email reply as to why someone can't share info, but I am sure then it would be something that upset you as well - that you DID hear from them but they wouldn't give up the info.

It's called hard work day in and day out and good things will come to you :) Good luck!

JakenMattsMom said...

@Jennifer, and @Katie,

This post was pointed a few people, and not were they just "big" blogs. This was because of tweets I kept seeing on Twitter that really bothered me. for example "Don't come and swipe our sponsors, warn your sponsors that people are doing this" Now to me, I feel that maybe sponsorrs want to get their name out there, and dont just want to advertise on 1 blog. Just because they advertise on yous after they advertise on someone elses isn't "swiping"

I have since unfollowed the person that kept posting that, and no longer enter anything or even look at their blog.

I understand that no one wants to give up their "secrets" but when your emailing and asking how the blogger set something up a ceratin way on their blog, or how they heard of something, ect, NOTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH SECRETS they can't even be bothered to reply.

I emailed one blogger to ask them how to make a grab my button box, way back about 9-10 months ago, and they replied back with "If you don't know how, then you shouldnt be a blogger"

I had just gotten tired of seeing the "Don't swipe sponsors from our blog" tweets on twitter, because if a sponsor wants to sponsor someone else, they will. That is not swiping, that is the sponsor choosing to do so.

I didnt mean to offend anyone, nor was this directed towards anyone besides the tweeter of those tweet, who I shall leave nameless.

Sorry If i offended anyone by my rants

and on another note, I wouldn't ask for Secrets, I may ask a question, and if they couldnt share them, then thats all they would have to say, I would rather get an email from some saying "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you" versus being ignored.

TheChickenista said...

I was like you when I started blogging. Even more so when I started my review bog. While I do see Jennifer's point, I'm NOT that way. Mostly because I'm not as big as her lol. But I'm still busy. :) I had a couple of huge blogs {Julie from Momspective & Stacie from SimpleStacie} who are like way super busy that took the time to respond to me, and pretty darn quick too! Julie even talked to some of her sponsors for me! AWESOME!! I got great contacts because of her when I was starting out. But I also got no responds from a few big {I won't say who} bloggers who did act like that. Why I don't know. I had 2 of the biggest bloggers I know are busy ladies take time for a newbie, so for that to be an excuse to not help, can't say.

When I get emails to share a contact I ALWAYS give the bloggers info to the contact. I let the sponsor chose. Its not my place to stop them, what would I be afraid of? If I'm doing my job right, I'll work with them again. Most times sponsors are happy to get more exposure!

Table4Five said...

This is such a great post! I've been blogging since 2005 and review blogging since 2007, and I have never refused to help someone. Although I have to confess, I'm so behind on email that if a blogger did email me with a question, it is possible that I just never saw the email. That's why I'm so active on Facebook, I'm much more likely to see a question there!

Lisa said...

It depends on what you are asking. I literally get emails weekly from people asking me to set up their blog for them, why aren't they making money, etc, etc. If I can help you, I do. However, I run 4 blogs, do freelance jobs, and have my own family. I help when I can but there is no magic way to blog. I've spent hours helping people set up their blogs for them to give it up a month into it. Also realize that a lot of us donate the products that we get to our kids schools, local libraries, etc.

What you talked about on twitter, I've never seen (so its killing me to know who was doing that).