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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help get Justice for Trowa!

Trowa Gammuel Smith is a 4 year old little boy who loves superhero and wrestling. Unlike most 4 year olds, Trowa has been served a complete injustice. On December 16th 2009 Trowa's leg was severely and viciously broken by multiple kicks to the leg, inflicted knowingly and maliciously by Michael Nemeth. Trowa was 2 and half years old. Michael Nemeth had been the subject of Child abuse charges in New York where he previously resided, but the charges were dropped and no one was the wiser until after he was able to hurt another child. When Michael Nemeth Broke Trowa's leg he had just gotten off of Probation for drunkenly threatening the life of his infant daughter. Yet the Rochester Police department did not even arrest him. He walked away with nothing. The ER doctor and orthopedist both said that the break was caused by adult force, blunt force trauma, this could not have been an accident, Trowa could not have done this to himself. Michael Nemeth admitted that he hurt Trowa after several different stories, but claimed it was an accident and that he thought Trowa was ok because Trowa crawled back to his bed. The doctor's say there is no possible way Trowa could have crawled back to his bed by himself. Michael Nemeth has a history of violence and specifically violence against children. Please join me in telling the Strafford County District Court that Justice must be served for Trowa, he was a young, innocent victim. We can not let this monster off scot free to be able to hurt yet another child!