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Monday, September 27, 2010

Aspire Black and White Portrait Challange

Aspire Photo Challenge

I love taking pictures. My computer has atleast 32572958798 pictures. lol. Well not quite that many but I'm sure you get the point! If my computer was ever to crash, I would just cry. Between the desktop and laptop are the memories of both our children's births and firsts.

When I came across the black and white portrait challange, I just HAD to enter.

This picture was taken in the middle of last fall when we decided to take then 3 year old Jacob apple picking. I was 6 months pregnant with Matthew so I was walking behind the two speedwalkers. This is My husband, and my now 4 year old son Jacob. It is such a great shot, that says so much. The meaning I get is "Dad, I look up to you."

I hope you enjoy the Peacefulness of this photo and the love in this photo as much as I do.


Thanks for reading, and have a great day!