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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looking for Sponsorship

Remember that video a couple of days ago that I posted for the Salsa Sensations Blogher Contest, where they will be sending one lucky blogger to Blogher in California this year? Yeah, that one.

If I don't win, (and I don't have any luck in the world anyways LOL) I will need to find other sponsorship.

As Most of you know, without sponsorship, I will not be able to attend, unlike a lot of other bloggers who are financially able to attend on their own. I have been writing to companies for months and offering them whatever I could in order to gain sponsorship for this trip. So far, no luck.

If anyone hears of any companies that would like to sponsor a a Blogger to to the Blogher Conference this year, please let me know, give them my name, something, anything! I would so love to attend blogher, and learn all that I can, and help promote companies, and soak up knowledge from others.

If Companies are reading this and interested in sponsoring me, please look at these links below, These links are previous reviews, and giveaways that I have written on my blog, this gives you a look into my writing style!

Thnkas Everyone and have a great day!

Pink Princess
Merrimack Valley Diapers
Agoo Baby Legs
CSNstores #2
Dr. Bloom Chewable Jewels
Baby Legs
Tommee Tippee
Thanks Mama CD Store Grovia All In One
CSNstores #1
My Baby's Green Cloth Diaper
Smart Mom Teething Bling
Fracture Picture Frames
Rockin Green CD Detergent
Tommee Tippee Bottles
Ellas Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Oh yeah, and dont forget our Fluff event starts in 5 days! be on the look out for the cloth diaper and fluff related reviews coming soon! and the giveaways starting June 11th!